The expert points to defeat Putin in Ukraine

Russia has lost on all fronts in Ukraine, but Russian President Vladimir Putin may be activated under the presidential elections and to discredit the Ukrainian government.

This opinion was expressed by the Russian-German sociologist Igor eidman.

In his opinion, the Russian President has not achieved in Ukraine, their goals, particularly in the presidential chair sits a vassal of Putin, and his entire plan for the creation of “new Russia” was reduced to that bit of Ukraine pieces of territory (the so-called “L/DNR”), which for him “like a suitcase without a handle and pull hard and throw a pity”.

“Yes, he has grabbed Crimea, but the main strategic goals are not achieved. He needed not Crimea, but all Ukraine. Of course, he will continue to try to subdue her. Putin can before the election to step up the military pressure to discredit the current Ukrainian authorities and to demonstrate that they can provide security for Ukrainians,” said eidman.

The expert also explained why Putin’s military conflicts.

“Putin is ready to fight not only in order to stay in power. He’s still a little crazy, sick Napoleon complex and delusions of grandeur. He’s already achieved everything that wanted. Controls huge financial resources and immense power. It is already uninteresting. He wants more – to be no less influential in the world than the President of America,” he said.

Eydman sure that the main condition for the end of the war is the withdrawal of Russia from the Donbass, together with all its troops and weapons.

“Of course, if Russia withdraws from the Donbass, Ukraine will quickly establish control over their territories and will make it virtually bloodless. After all, if Russia went, then all that the militia would not resist the Ukrainian army, as they ran after their Russian curators”, – said the sociologist.

The court gave two tankers “DNR” for 10 years in prison

Two residents of Mariupol was sentenced to ten years of imprisonment for participation in an illegal armed formation. The relevant sentence upheld by Appellate court of Donetsk region.

On Tuesday, may 29, the press service of the Prosecutor of Donetsk region.

It is noted that the convicts, 34 and 39, in September of 2014 joined the 3rd infantry brigade “Semenovski DNR”.

First, they were on duty at the checkpoint of the headquarters of the DNI in Novoazovsk. Subsequently, one of them took place on the territory of the Rostov region of the Russian Federation a two-week training on the management of tank T-72A, after which he returned and was appointed a tank commander, and his partner – gunner of the tank.

Men also are accused that in October 2014 they illegally crossed the border of Ukraine, Donbass ferried tanks and ammunition.

In the “DNR” tanks actively participated in armed confrontations and attacks the Armed forces of Ukraine, which have resulted in death and caused serious consequences in the area of human settlements Sahanka, Leninsky, Oktyabrsky. In September 2015 both tankers were detained and arrested.

In the United States called the true purpose of the Russian military in Ukraine

The Russian military presence in the Donbas not to supposedly protect Russian-speaking Ukrainians, and to establish control of Russia over Ukraine.

This was stated by the U.S. permanent representative to the UN, Nikki Haley speaking at the UN security Council meeting on Ukraine, reports “Voice of America”.

“We ask Russia to recognize a different reality of the truth which they know all present here: the Russian soldiers are in Ukraine – not to “protect” Russian-speaking citizens of Ukraine, but to establish Russian control over the country”, – said the diplomat.

Also, Haley said that the United States will maintain sanctions against Russia as long as it does not stop its outrageous actions in Ukraine, particularly in Crimea and the Donbass.

“Until Russia will not return the Crimean Peninsula under the control of Ukraine, us sanctions related to the invasion of the Crimea, will remain in force. Until Russia withdraws its forces from Eastern Ukraine and does not fulfill the obligations under the Minsk agreements, our sanctions in response to its flagrant violations in the Eastern part of the country will remain in force,” – said the permanent representative of the United States.

In addition, the diplomat also accused Russia of creating a “catastrophe of suffering” by supporting separatist groups and the violation of their obligations under the international agreement on the cease-fire.

“Despite her objections, there is no doubt that Russia is the driving force of the Ukrainian conflict,” concluded Haley.

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