If trump didn’t meet Kim Jong-UN

In international relations there was a very strange event for which I have no reasonable explanation.

We are talking about the meeting of two of the most exotic of the existing world leaders – US President Donald trump and the North Korean Secretary General Kim Jong UN, scheduled for June 12 in Singapore.

At this meeting they were going to discuss ways to establish lasting peace on the Korean Peninsula and the possibility of full normalization of relations.

Donald trump is so confident in the success of this venture that the last few weeks openly demanded the world community to award myself the Nobel peace prize.

In public statements trump colorfully painted, what he is a strong leader and a great negotiator. The gist of the conversation is this: he says, first, he made Kim Jong-UN to negotiate, and then had made him nuclear disarmament.

The President of the United States visibly swelled with pride for this achievement, forgetting one small detail – in reality, negotiations with Kim Jong Ynm yet was not! Through the month they are due.

The North Koreans in all this was viewed with suspicion, but didn’t mind. However, in the last days everything has changed, and is scheduled to meet was in jeopardy. And to blame the new trump adviser for national security John Bolton. Or rather, his long tongue.

Typically, in constructive peace negotiations, people don’t promise to catch your partner, torture him, rape with the handle of a shovel and then shot and buried in an unknown location. Bolton promised to the leader of North Korea with him to do just that.

Speaking on one television, Advisor to trump on national security said that the nuclear disarmament of North Korea to follow the Libyan scenario.

For those who have forgotten what it means, let me remind you.

In the early 2000-ies the United States persuaded Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi to abandon the creation of nuclear bombs. The American security guarantees to believe its nuclear program has closed. Done, of course, but! A few years later happened to all of the above. With the help of the United States he was caught, raped, killed and buried. Now Bolton openly offers the same features as Kim Jong Ynu.

He even said that the DPRK must give up all the already-made bombs, disassemble them and send them to the United States. Furthermore, all North Korean factories for the production of enriched uranium and plutonium as well as power for the construction of the missiles must be dismantled.

North Korea is a terrible country. Its leaders can rightly be accused of many sins. But clinical idiots they just are not.

The DPRK foreign Ministry issued a statement in which he called the words of Bolton, “description sinister plan to turn our glorious country to Libya or Iraq, collapsed after the intervention from the outside.” Well, the North Korean logical conclusion: “Because the US wants to push us into a corner, demanding unilateral renunciation of nuclear weapons, we have such a dialogue is no longer interested”. In General, they have refused dialogue with the United States, and from the meeting, Kim Jong-UN with Donald trump.

For the American President this turn of events is extremely unpleasant. He had already told everyone about the outstanding diplomatic victory! His Nobel speech is already writing, and then such a setup… it is Insulting.

Journalists rushed to comment on this whole situation to Sarah Sanders – White house press Secretary. Sanders, apparently, wanted to say that John Bolton is an ass, which is nonsense grinds. But she was forced to remain diplomatic. Therefore, said the opinion of the Bolton – it’s only his opinion. And the President wants to use the Libyan plan, and the “trump plan” (whatever that means).

But just in case she was lying, and the refusal of the North Koreans to negotiations will not be a big tragedy for her boss-the President. Of course, it will. It’s like baby gifts for New year and Christmas. According to my data, children in this situation are ready for any, even the most heinous criminal offence, only to return their toys and sweets.

Here there is a serious danger. Trump in the United States is constantly referred to as 10-year-old boy in the body of a man. So there are many people believe that the failure of the summit in Singapore faces two very unpleasant scenarios.

First. Trump, come what may you decide to sign with Kim the agreement on normalization of relations and hand over North Korea’s long-standing and strategic interests of his country. Simply just to show his fellow citizens that he knows how to make deals and negotiate. Such an outcome would be extremely dangerous for the regional security system, because, at least, would allow North Korea to possess nuclear weapons.

The second is not less gloomy scenario. Trump mortally offended Kim Jong-UN over the refusal to negotiate. And declare that since the North Koreans don’t want to give up nuclear weapons, you have to do it the hard way. Well, start to bomb them. And this is a nuclear war with all the unpleasant consequences.

How exactly will unfold at the situation now, we probably know closer to June. Either the DPRK and the U.S. will resume talks or will begin to rapidly prepare for war.

Well, the last thing I would like to note in this story: negotiations in Singapore, which will become (or not become) a turning point in this whole story, is scheduled for June 12 – the main Russian national holiday – Day of Russia. It seems to me that this fact is a grim and dark symbolism. Although, maybe I’m just exaggerating!

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