NATO Secretary General explained why the meeting supports trump and Putin

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg stated that he supports a meeting between the leaders of the US and Russia as it believes necessary to conduct a dialogue with Russia.

“I welcome the upcoming meeting between the presidents of the trump and Putin, which is consistent with the policy of NATO,” said Stoltenberg.

The NATO Secretary General reminded that NATO policy towards Russia is in compliance with the dual approach: strong defence and dialogue.

“While we are United and steadfast in the approach to Russia, we can conduct a political dialogue with them. We do not want the cold war and the arms race. Russia is our neighbour and will remain so. Therefore we need a dialogue to improve relations with it,” explained the Secretary General of the Alliance.

According to him, even if NATO fails to improve relations with Russia, remains the need to manage complex relations with Moscow.

“We have a strong military presence, a large number of military exercises, high voltage. We must be sure in the absence of any miscalculations and misunderstandings, incidents and accidents, which can result in really dangerous situation,” he added.

The meeting of the leaders of the US and Russia will take place on 16 July in Helsinki.

In Berlin spoke about the concern of the NATO meeting trump and Putin

NATO fears that the meeting in Helsinki, which will be followed by a NATO summit, Donald trump “will Putin conduct themselves”, said the coordinator of the German government, Peter Bayer.The Alliance fears that the US President Donald trump can make a deal with Russian President Vladimir Putin during the meeting in Helsinki on 16 July. “The sweat break through the thought that trump meets with Putin, without any coordination with NATO partners,” – said the coordinator of the German government for transatlantic relations Peter Bayer (Peter Beyer) in interview to German mass media company Funke Mediengruppe.

Bayer recalled that trump June 12 in Singapore met with North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN, who is still only “handing out promises.” This causes the countries – members of NATO concern that in Helsinki trump “will Putin conduct themselves,” said Bayer.

The NATO summit will take place in Brussels on 11-12 July. After him the trump will travel to Helsinki, where on 16 July he will hold talks with Putin. The us President said that he intends to discuss with the head of the Kremlin in advance of Russia’s intervention in U.S. elections and the situation in Syria and Ukraine. In this case, answering a reporter’s question, can the United States to recognize Crimea as part of Russian territory, trump said, “We’ll see”

Lead to power more flexible: Putin’s tactics in Ukraine

The provocation of Russia in Ukraine, including the aggravation of the situation in the Azov sea, associated with the desire of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin to wait some time until the change of government, which may adopt a position more loyal to his regime.

It said the chief analyst at the Vilnius Institute of policy analysis Marius laurinavičius.

“What Russia is doing, visible to the naked eye. Destabilization of the political situation, all sorts of provocations and, at the same time, support all forces that are somehow related to or have interests in Russia. Thus, Russia is trying to bide time and wait for the change of power in Ukraine, believing that the next government will be compliant. In English it’s called strategic patience. They use such tactics (including in the form of hybrid war) and everything to destabilize the situation in Ukraine, to weaken the state as such. And, perhaps, even more to intervene in the internal processes. This is one of the goals. Another goal is political”, – said the expert.

“Friend Putin” as Tymoshenko starts a war in Ukraine

The people’s Deputy Yulia Tymoshenko escalate the situation in the country, talking about the introduction in Ukraine of state of emergency.

Timchenko says President Petro Poroshenko “intends to introduce a state of emergency in Ukraine not to hold elections.”

According to Tymoshenko, the implementation of this plan has now started the process of negotiations of power with those who allegedly heads the “LDNR”.

“The President’s entourage and the President himself have a friendly relationship with someone who supposedly heads the fake LC and the DNI,” she said.

Such provocative statements Tymoshenko gave a clear and explanatory answer. MP, Vice-speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Iryna Gerashchenko told her that the war is a long time coming and Poroshenko did not assault anyone.

“The attention of the opposition politicians, who never were at the front. The war is already underway, if you are in your Koncha Zaspa do not know. Ukraine and the Ukrainian President did not attack anyone. But Russia is your friend, Russian President Vladimir Putin attacked the Ukraine, annexed Crimea, occupied part of Donbass”, – said Gerashchenko.

The politician said that Tymoshenko in its statements does not remember Russian aggression.

“Ukraine and the Ukrainian President did not attack anyone. We are on our land that we protect and liberate. In the theses of the opposition no word about Putin. Coincidence? I don’t think,” summed up Gerashchenko.

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