Game for Congress on cybersecurity

Trading on the Moscow stock exchange started in different directions, the MICEX index rose to the level of 1379,57 (+ 0,3%), the RTS index grew to the level 1239,34 (+ 0,3%).

Trading on Masuria started mixed

The shares rose VTB (+ 0,1%), NOVATEK (+ 0,4%), “Norilsk Nickel” (+ 0,5%), “Rosneft” (+ 0,2%), Sberbank (+ 0,01%), “FGC UES” (+ 0,2%). The stocks of Gazprom (- 0,2%), “Surgutneftegaz” (- 0,1%), LUKOIL (- 0,1%).

Stock indexes in the U.S. rose, the Dow Jones Industrial Average climbed 74,95 points (+ 0,46%) to the level of 16532,61. Standard & Poor’s 500 index gained 13.18 points (+ 0.7%) and closed at 1885,52. Nasdaq Composite grew by 69,05 points (+ 1,64%) to the level of 4268,04.

Trading on exchanges in Asia are in positive territory on Wednesday, the composite stock index Asia Pacific MSCI Asia Pacific rose 0.5%. Japan’s Nikkei 225 rose 1.7%, Hong Kong’s Hang Seng up 0.4%, Australia’s S&P/ASX 200 by 0.2%.

The may contract on oil Brent has risen in price on Wednesday of $0,08 (+ 0,08%) to $105,7 per barrel. On Tuesday, the price of these contracts fell by $2,14 (- 1,99%) to $105,62 per barrel. WTI oil for may rose $0.01 (+ 0.01 percent) to $99,75 per barrel. On the eve of these contracts fell by $1,84 (- 1,81%) to $of 99.74 per barrel.

The U.S. dollar fell slightly, the Euro rose slightly on the Moscow stock exchange on Wednesday. Bidding on the dollar started at the level 35,065-35,1 roubles for $1, which is 1 kopecks below the level on Tuesday and at 7 kopecks. above the current official rate of the dollar. Bidding on the Euro began at around 48,45 rubles. for 1 Euro that for 5 copecks above level before and 19 kopecks above the official exchange rate of the Euro on Wednesday. Dual currency basket value increased by 1.5 kopecks. up to 41.1 RUB.

The Bank of Russia in March was sold in the domestic market $22,297 billion, 3.6 times more than in February, and 2.268 billion euros, which is 3.3 times more than the February sales. Thus, the sale of foreign currency by the Bank of Russia in March was a record since January 2009, when net sales were $34,162 billion and 4,087 billion euros.

The US dollar to the Euro is dropping in Forex on Wednesday, 1 EUR is equal to $1,3805 compared to $1,3793 on Tuesday. The dollar is worth 103,85 102,26 yen against the yen yesterday, the Euro is kept at 143,36 yen compared to the 141,38 the yen on Tuesday.

The G7 will develop a system of protection against propaganda and manipulation

Using the “rapid reaction Mechanism” the G7 countries want to coordinate their actions in combating propaganda and attempts at destabilization, coming from “countries such as Russia.”At the summit “the big seven” in Canada, the participating countries took the decision to develop a new system of protection from propaganda, said on Saturday, June 9, the Agency dpa. The so-called “rapid response Mechanism” (Rapid Response Mechanism) will allow for a quick and coordinated answer to the manipulation of the elections, propaganda, and other “intolerable acts” and attempts of destabilization coming from “countries such as Russia.”

In particular, the US special services accuse Russia of organizing hacker attacks on e-mail Hillary Clinton: this incident was one of the reasons that led to the failure of the Clinton in the presidential election. In turn, Germany believes that the Kremlin deliberately throw false information to influence public opinion in this country. One of the biggest scandals was the case of “the girl Lisa”, which allegedly kidnapped and raped by migrants. In addition, “extremely problematic,” the G7 countries see the support of the Federation of European parties and movements that oppose the European Union.

With the help of a new system of protection of the member countries of the group of seven plan to analyze such information attacks, as well as share them with each other. It is assumed that “ideally” the attack must be followed by a coordinated reaction, which can be expressed in the form of a retaliatory campaign or sanctions.

Virus Purgen attacked Tyumen neurosurgery centre during surgery on the brain of the child

Hackers attacked the Federal center of neurosurgery in Tyumen during surgery on the brain 13-year-old girl. As told by the doctors, despite the cyber attack operation failed to complete successfully.

As reported by the Agency “Tyumenskaya Liniya”, the first case of a cyber attack on the Tyumen neurosurgery centre was registered on Saturday, June 30.

“During the operation a team of surgeons with computer monitors all the data disappeared. It was necessary to solve something, – told the press Secretary of the TLF Natalia Timofeeva. – It was a day off, the specialists of the center itself was difficult to cope with the hackers, so it was decided to appeal directly to the savings Bank and personally to Herman Gref. Chief doctor albert Sufianov know and respect, therefore, it was decided to send to Tyumen specialists, which led the system to order.”

Sberbank specialists arrived in Tyumen found a virus and restored the system. After this, the neurosurgeons successfully conducted a young patient from the Orenburg region the next operation, and on 3 July the girl was discharged home.

Media reports said the head of Sberbank of Russia Herman Gref, the computer system of the clinic attacked the virus called Purgen. According to him, the hackers demanded money.

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