From the new Putin limo doing a massive crossover

SUV Aurus project “Cortege” will be the most massive car in the new domestic line and will be presented in 2019, said Minister of industry and trade of Russia Denis Manturov. In early may, the project cars first appeared on the public – President Vladimir Putin used a limo Aurus at the inauguration.

Limousine Aurus

“The SUV is more a mass product, as practice has shown. We are counting on SUV’s. If the sedans will be produced by the hundreds, then the SUV we have very high hopes. In the future we plan to create a mass “popular SUV”, – said Manturov at the presentation of the brand Aurus.

Now these machines collected by the Central scientific research automobile and automotive engines Institute (NAMI), its power does not exceed 200 cars per year. However, there was an agreement with Sollers that are ready to engage in manufacturing on the conditions of Assembly of not less than 1,500 units per year.

The big premiere of the brand Aurus will be held on 29 August at the motor show in Moscow in 2019, the project will be presented at the international motor show in Geneva. The price of cars has not yet sounded, but it is noted that Interested in the automotive hierarchy will be higher than Mercedes-Benz but below Bentley and Rolls-Royce.

Putin does not want to answer for the lies: Russians will have to tighten their belts

It is important that Putin has felt it necessary to give an interview. It is important that he gave an interview to the Austrian mass media, because it is not so many Windows, through which he can communicate with the outside world. It’s in the first place.

Second, when Putin spoke about NATO, it is the object of his concern. And this is a completely different approach to NATO countries in Eastern Europe and Russia. Eastern European countries, looking at what happened in Ukraine, in a hurry and are struggling to use all available opportunities to join the bloc.

Путин не хочет отвечать за ложь: россиянам придется затягивать пояса

But Russia sees it as a manifestation of the expansionist nature of NATO. Eastern European countries believe that in this way they can ensure its sovereignty and military security. And here are fundamentally different approaches. NATO – unit voluntary: he was not annexed by military force the territory of neighboring States.

In the eyes of Russia, NATO enlargement is a consequence of the aggressive policy of the West. In the eyes of the West it is dictated by the aggressive policy of Russia. I do not think that Putin’s position on NATO in any way surprise the European reader, but for the Russian reader this is important because NATO is used as a fairly effective horror story in the domestic media field.

When the Russian “polite green men” emerged in Crimea, a Russian citizen explained that otherwise, in two weeks there would be a NATO base. What really contradicts the international Montreux Convention on the status of the Straits, according to which the country has no outlet to the Black sea, have no right to keep warships in this area for more than two weeks. So NATO base in Crimea is pure propaganda invention that works. It’s the same old horse furrow not spoil. A significant portion of people (not to say that the majority, but a large part) tend to take such statements as a reflection of contemporary political reality.

Given the structure of the Russian television, many really feel behind the iron curtain, surrounded by enemies… And the decline of the economic and social standards is, perhaps, the only incentive to convince the public to rally around the national leader.

Nothing new, it’s all quite predictable. Anyway, I must say, nothing new in this interview sounded. No signals, hidden or open, which so love to learn the “Kremlinologists”, in my opinion, Putin in this interview is not sent.

Putin simply reaffirmed their adamant stand, which can be considered as a confirmation of the fundamental grounds for further development of the political situation in Russia: “We are in a besieged camp; we need to unite and fight back, to tighten the belt; when the enemy is on the doorstep, not to any economic innovations.” So everything here is predictable, understandable, and quite interesting, I think.

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