China surprised the White house decision on new tariffs

China expressed surprise at the statement from the White house that the United States will continue to take measures to establish import tariffs in relation to Beijing, Reuters reports.

The Chinese side stated that it is contrary to the agreement reached by both parties recently.

The Ministry of Commerce of China in its statement said that China urged the United States to act in accordance with the spirit of their recent joint statement.

The Ministry said that China has the confidence, ability and experience to protect their basic interests.

How to write “News.Economy”, the U.S. government announced the intention to introduce a duty of 25 per cent in respect of imported goods from China in the amount of $50 billion

The administration of the trump issued a statement on the planned use of tariffs on imports from China. A detailed list of goods will be announced by June 15, 2018.

As noted, the fees are subject to the goods, “containing industrially important technologies, including those included in the program “Made in China 2025”. In a statement, the White house reported that the U.S. is going to more tightly control China’s access to technology: in relation to individuals and companies that purchase “industrial technology” will be applied “special investment restrictions and enhanced export control”. The list of investment limitations and control measures will be announced by 30 June.

Court of Germany received an application for issuance of Pokdemon Spain

German prosecutors formally appealed to the superior court for the extradition of the former leader of Catalonia Carles Pokdemon on charges related to his role in the struggle for independence of the Spanish region, reports Reuters.

Currently, the higher regional court in Schleswig-Holstein takes the decision to extradite, though it’s unclear when it will be taken any decision.

How to write “News.Economy”, German prosecutors in late may said they are preparing a statement on the extradition of former Catalan leader Carles Pokdemon to Spain on charges related to his role in the campaign for independence in the region.

The higher regional court in the Northern state of Schleswig-Holstein at that time still not made a decision on extradition, but said he sees no reason for taking him into custody in the course of this procedure.

Catalonia held a referendum on separation on October 1, and then declared independence, but Madrid has blocked any attempts of separation in the courts, citing the Spanish Constitution, which States that the country is indivisible.

After the announcement of the Declaration of Madrid dismissed the government of the region. Pujdeme went from the country to Belgium, but in March he was arrested in Germany. Last month, a court rejected the extradition request Pokdemon on charges of separatism.

Nevertheless, the court agreed to release him on bail, noting that the extradition to Spain is possible at least on the charge of abuses in the expenditure of public funds.

The Venezuelan government decided not to levy VAT on food and medicine

Venezuelan authorities have decided to abandon the levying of value added tax (VAT) with “the mass consumer goods and basic necessities.”

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro

“There will be VAT exempt food, medicines and products for agriculture” – leads the TV channel Globovision words of the Minister of communication and information of the country, Jorge Rodriguez.

Earlier this week authorities of the Bolivarian Republic announced an increase in VAT from 12% to 16% and increasing the minimum wage 60 times.

Mr. Rodriguez reported that since the end of September in the country will begin to operate the new system of direct subsidies on gasoline. “We hope to complete the census of transport to in the last week of September to apply the new system of fixing the price of gasoline and the mechanism of direct subsidies”, – he said.

Hyperinflation and the fall in oil production has forced the Venezuelan government to initiate large-scale monetary reform. How to write “News.Economy”, August 20 will be held in Venezuela denomination: C bills will remove five zeros and the new currency, modern Bolivar, tie to the Venezuelan Petro cryptocurrency, the value of which is tied to the price of the extracted barrel of oil in the country. The banking system, according to President Nicolas Maduro, already provided with new bills.

“Sovereign Bolivar will be tied to the Petro. The Central Bank will begin to publish official figures binding Bolivar to Peter every day,” said Maduro, noting that on 20 August, the day of introduction of new currency, declared, “to provide input of new money and begin the process of adaptation to them.”

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