The company of Robert De Niro’s waiting revenue of $1 billion

Nobu Hospitality LLC, a chain of sushi restaurants and luxury hotels, founded by actor Robert De Niro, chef Nobu by Matsuhisa and film producer Meir Tepera, expects its revenue will reach $1 billion in five years as it develops on the market. It is reported Bloomberg.

American actor Robert De Niro (center) and Japanese chef Nobu Matsuhisa (left) take part in the opening ceremony of Nobu hotel in Marbella, Spain. 16 may 2018 Photo: EPA-EFE/ALF

A key step in the development of the company became the first to market condominiums: 660 apartments and 36 hotel rooms of class “luxury” will be added to the Nobu restaurant in Toronto. The project, announced last year, were sold out in three months.

Starting from one sushi restaurant in new York in 1994, the company now owns more than 40 restaurants, including in London and Las Vegas, said the CEO of Nobu Hospitality Trevor Horwell.

“It’s a pretty rapid growth – said Horwell. – Usually in our restaurants we can have more than 100 thousand clients a year. All we need to do is to convert from 10% to 15% of these clients to fill our hotels. That’s why we’ve engaged in the hotel business.”

According to Horwell, Nobu Hospitality hopes to complete the project in Toronto, which could cost 300 million canadian dollars ($231 million) over 30 months. It is expected that the cost of hotel rooms will be about 800 canadian dollars per night and the cost of apartments in a condominium – 850 thousand canadian dollars.

The company is planning two projects – one in são Paulo (Brazil) and one in Los Cabos (Mexico). Nobu Hospitality is also in search of opportunities in the Asia-Pacific region, including Taipei, Hong Kong, Jakarta and Sydney, said Horwell.

De Niro hopes that in the coming years will be built a resort Nobu, perhaps, on the island of Barbuda in the Caribbean sea.

Meanwhile, the President of the United States Donald trump on Tuesday criticized De Niro in response to his offensive remarks in his address.

Speaking at the ceremony of awarding the theatre award “Tony” on 10 June, the actor said: “I have one thing to say: ***** wouldn’t trump.”

“Robert de Niro, a man with very low IQ, have received too many blows to the head from the real boxers in the movie. I watched him… and truly believe that he could get a head injury, wrote trump on Twitter. I think he is not aware that the economy USA is now in better condition than ever, at the highest level all the time employment and many companies are going back to our country.”

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