MH17 crash: Putin accused Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin accused Ukraine of reneging on commitments.

Thus he commented on the investigation of the crash Boeing-777 Malaysia Airlines in the Donbass in 2014 during the plenary session of the St. Petersburg international economic forum.

“For some reason, the fact that Ukraine has not fulfilled its obligations and did not close the airspace for some reason no one remembers. Once Ukraine shot down the plane over the Black sea and did not admit his guilt. Finally they agreed, but has not paid compensation”, – quotes its words of RT.

In addition, he has expressed distrust to the investigation.

“There is nothing in the investigation on the MH17 that inspired us confidence, and will not, unless we take it participate fully. Malaysian Boeing was shot down Russian rocket”, – concluded Putin.

The NATO Secretary General has laid on Russia responsible for the loss of flight MH17

Stoltenberg called Russia one of the biggest security problems for NATO countries. According to him, the Alliance will have to confront these challenges, combining political dialogue and military deterrence.NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg urged Russia to take responsibility for crash of passenger plane flight MH17 in the Donbas. The fall was a direct result of the aggression of Russia against Ukraine, said the head of the Alliance on Monday, may 28, in Warsaw.

Stoltenberg called “increasingly assertive” Russia is one of the biggest security challenges for NATO, said the Agency dpa. Russia interferes in the democratic processes, responsible for cyber attacks and have shown they are ready to use military force against a neighbor, said Stoltenberg. According to him, NATO will have to confront these challenges, combining political dialogue and military deterrence.

24 may international investigation team at a press conference in the Dutch Utrecht announced that the installation “Beech”, which was launched the missile that shot down in July 2014 over Ukraine the passenger aircraft Malaysian airlines, was in service with the 53rd antiaircraft missile brigade of the Russian armed forces. Moscow all the years since the tragedy that claimed 298 lives, denies all the accusations of the International investigation team.

The Netherlands does not see the responsibility of Kiev for the MH17 disaster

There is no legally compelling evidence that Ukraine was acting criminally, when not closed its airspace, said in a letter to the head of the Dutch foreign Minister Stef Blok.The government of the Netherlands sees the responsibility of the authorities of Ukraine for the catastrophe Malaysian Boeing in 2014 in the sky over the Donbas. This was announced on Tuesday, June 5, to Dutch newspaper Volkskrant, referring to the letter of the Minister of foreign Affairs of the country Stefa Block the deputies of the lower house of the Dutch Parliament.

“According to the government, to date, no legally compelling evidence that Ukraine was acting criminally, when not closed its airspace”, – the document says. The unit also noted that “the report of the security Council of the Netherlands, the results of the investigation by the International investigation team, information from public sources and private studies, including law, also do not give any grounds to speak about the responsibility of Ukraine.” However, he did not rule out that the Netherlands government will consider the possible responsibility of other countries for this tragedy, if the investigation provide the relevant evidence.

Earlier, several opposition parties in the Dutch Parliament in favour of the responsibility for the catastrophe was partially assigned to the Ukraine. After Moscow they say that Kiev was obliged to close the airspace for passenger Airliners over the region, which were fighting.

The Boeing 777, carrying out flight MH17 from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur, was shot down by a missile over the territory of Donetsk region on July 17, 2014. All were on Board 298 people were killed. May 24 the international investigation team (JIT) announced that the missile was fired from territory controlled by separatists, and the installation of the SAM “Buk” came in “DNR” from the base to the 53rd antiaircraft missile brigade, located at Kursk. Australia and the Netherlands urged Russia to take public responsibility for what happened and cooperate with them for justice. May 25, Russian President Vladimir Putin once rejected the involvement of Russia to disaster “Boeing”, expressing distrust of the conclusions of the JIT.

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