The Crimea and the Donbass taught

Russia’s annexation of Crimea and support of terrorists in the East of Ukraine became the reason for increased German defense spending.

Such statement has made German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

“The challenges facing NATO have changed radically in recent years,” she said.

The Chancellor in particular, said that after Russia’s annexation of Crimea and Moscow’s support of terrorists in the East of Ukraine, and for NATO it is important to “focus on the protection of the Alliance.”

“It is necessary to carry out certain activities, for example, by the presence in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe”, – added the Chancellor.

Patrushev: in Crimea, the threat of destabilization of Ukraine

The Secretary of the Russian Security Council Nikolai Patrushev noted the continuing threats of destabilization of socio-political and socio-economic situation in the Crimea over Ukraine.

During task exit meeting in Sevastopol Nikolai Patrushev noted that “destructive intent” of the Ukrainian authorities and Ukrainian nationalists and terrorist group banned in Russia, remain as threats for the Crimea.

The head of the Russian security Council also noted the risks in the area of migration in connection with the activities of criminal groups on legalization of stay of foreign citizens in the Crimea:

“The threat of destabilization of socio-political and socio-economic situation persist. They are primarily associated with destructive political aspirations of the current Ukrainian authorities and especially with the aggressive activities of Ukrainian nationalists who do not accept the will of the peoples of the Crimea on reunification with Russia.

In addition, radical leaders of the “Majlis of the Crimean Tatar people” (banned in Russia), while abroad, expressed their willingness to provocative actions, including committing sabotage and terrorist acts. These factors contribute to the increase of terrorist crimes and extremist.

I can not mention the continuing threats in the sphere of migration, caused by the activities of organized criminal groups specializing in the forgery of documents, use of fraudulent schemes in order to legalize the stay of foreign citizens in the Crimea.”

The Crimean bridge and a slap in the face to Putin: Borovoy explained the significance (video)

Crimean bridge for the President of Russia Vladimir Putin means the expansion of the “new Russian Empire he built”.

This opinion was expressed by Russian politician Konstantin Borovoy.

According to him, “when the Federation Council called the Crimea by Russia, it was tight. But after no one recognized it looked like a slap in the face”.

“But after he built that bridge for Putin, he became a symbol of connection, a symbol of the expansion of the Empire. Very important”, – the politician.

“The whole world mocks him about his Imperial ambitions and actions, but the way he tries to prove to Russia and to everyone else that he, despite the resistance and protests of the West and the Ukraine – building a bridge,” – said Borovoy.

At the same time, he is convinced: “the Descendants Putin will have the bridge demolished for big money, for the money of Russian taxpayers, because it was built illegally”.

Returns whether the Ukrainian Donbass and the Crimea: the expert explained the loud statement of the Volcker

In Ukraine misinterpreted the words of US special envoy Kurt Volker, who came to the Donbass, that the alleged occupied territory, the Ukrainians did not return.

This was said in comments to television channel “112 Ukraine” military expert Oleg Zhdanov.

He believes that the statement of the diplomat is due to translation difficulties.

“I think that’s what it was. We misunderstood, Kurt Volker, or the maximum that he wanted to say, that Ukraine today is very difficult to regain these territories. And with US we have a chance to get them back through diplomatic and political path. Not through military confrontation.”

Zhdanov explained that such a statement might talk about new steps to resolve the conflict in Eastern Ukraine.

“Kurt Volker is pretty widely commented on the veto of Russia, that if Russia would use its veto in the UN security Council on resolution of the conflict in the Donbass, it will show that Russia is the only country in the world that opposes the resolution of this conflict. So I think that if Kurt Volker, such statements, then somewhere near the United Nations is preparing a draft resolution on the introduction of peacekeepers in these territories”.

In Russia, predicted the collapse of the Crimean bridge

Crimean bridge, which was built to connect the Krasnodar region of the Russian Federation from the occupied Crimea, will collapse after the first natural disaster.

This was stated by senior researcher of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Institute of water problems Russian Academy of Sciences Yuri Medovar, the TV channel ZIK.

“Geological conditions in the Kerch Strait are such that it is impossible to build anything. There is such a thing as building regulations that cannot be broken. These Snips until 2017, it was stated that the construction of arch bridges in earthquake zones, which include the Crimea, only on a rock Foundation. And here is a semi-solid Maikop clays that do not hold the burden,” he said.

Medovar said the decision on the construction of Crimean bridge is a purely political move.

“This bridge – I’m just afraid that everything before the first natural disaster, and then it will be possible to put a cross. He is a purely political decision. Economic and feasible,” said the scientist, adding that in the place where he built the Crimean bridge “has it all”: from geothermal problems to ledostava.

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