Lukashenka’s statements about the absence of meat production in Russia

As stated in the National meat Association, “the head of a neighboring state” has no reliable information about the production of meat in Russia.

About it in interview to Agency “Interfax” said the Executive Director of the National meat Association (NMA) Sergey Yushin. He noted that in addition to providing domestic needs, Russia started exporting meat to other markets. The Belarusian market has become one of the destinations of the exports of pork from Russia.

“This assessment of the situation on the Russian meat market the head of a neighboring state gave, apparently based on incomplete, one-sided and incorrect information announced from the faces of some Russian meat processors who attended the seasonal change of the prices for Russian pork.

The shelves of Russian stores are literally bursting with domestic meat products, which retail accounted for more than 98%. A huge selection for every taste and budget. But just ten years ago, Russia was one of the largest importers of meat in the world. Only in the beef import share of about 15%, but it certainly does not threaten food security.

Increasing quality of the Russian beef market to which opened a number of countries including such demanding buyers like the UAE and Saudi Arabia. Russian beef ready to fly a foreign airline for its passengers the business class. In addition, Russian companies have learned to produce and present dietary pink veal according to the most modern technologies. This item is also already on store shelves.

By the way, Belarus has become one of the directions of Russian exports of pork, although a few years ago our neighbors were imported into Russia about 60 thousand tons of pork per year. Now, these supplies are almost there.

So the rumors about the lack of meat on the Russian market are greatly exaggerated.”

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