Him and Putin discussed Syria

A “coordination mechanism” between Russia, Iran and Turkey and the Western countries will achieve progress in the Syrian settlement, said Emmanuel macron after a meeting with Vladimir Putin.France and Russia intend to create a “coordinating mechanism” to achieve progress in the settlement of the conflict in Syria, said Emmanuel macron. The French President met with Vladimir Putin on Thursday, may 24, at the St. Petersburg international economic forum.

According to Macron, the mechanism needs to be agreed between the Astana group, which includes Russia, Iran and Turkey, as well as “small group” consisting of France, Germany, UK, USA, Jordan and Saudi Arabia. The French President has not informed, how will function the claimed mechanism, but noted that the parties should develop it in the coming weeks. “We need to talk about the situation after the war. The goal is to build a stable Syria,” stressed macron.

A new Constitution and elections in Syria

In addition, Emmanuel macron said that a priority in the settlement of the Syrian conflict is the adoption of a new Constitution and holding elections. They must involve all Syrians, including those that are now refugees.

In turn, Vladimir Putin said that Moscow still sees no alternative to political settlement of the Syrian crisis. According to the President of the Russian Federation, “must be optimistic, we must strive to resolve the situation in Syria by political means.”

Oleg Sentsov and MH-17

At a press conference following the meeting with Emmanuel Macron, Putin was asked a question about Ukrainian Director Oleg Sentsov. Sentenced to 20 years in prison on charges of preparing terrorist attacks Sentsov already 10 days holding an indefinite hunger strike.

Putin said that the Director was detained “for preparation to terrorist acts, not for his journalistic activities” and then told about the arrest in Ukraine of the Russian journalist. Informed members of Pussy Riot published in the newspaper Le Monde an appeal to the Macron with the request to demand from Putin the release of Oleg Sentsov.

With regard to conclusions about the collapse of the Malaysian “Boeing” in the Donbass, Russia can recognize them only when their full participation in the investigation, said Vladimir Putin. However, he noted that while not familiar with the details of the international investigation team involved in the investigation.

Makron can attend the world Cup in Russia

Answering questions of journalists, Emmanuel macron also said he would visit Russia this summer, arriving at the world Cup. “I may be, I will not from the beginning of the championship, but if the French team will make it to the semifinals, I’ll be there to cheer for them” – promised the President of France.

Earlier human rights defenders, including Human Rights Watch, called on Him to boycott the 2018 world Cup in relation to the role of Russia in the Syrian conflict.

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