Massive bombing in Syria

The Syrian military and Russian allies attacked rebel-held city in South-West Syria, having 4-5 July, more than 600 air strikes on 15 hours.

This was reported by the Syrian Observatory for human rights.

After four days of interruption in a large-scale bombing of intensive air strikes resumed on 4 July after the failure of talks between rebel groups and the Russian officers. The rebels promised to lay down their arms in exchange for settlement of their status in the peace agreement, and Russia requires in fact a humiliating surrender.

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and his allies are fighting for the return of the South-West, one of the last strongholds of the rebels in Syria along with the region in the Northwest bordering on Turkey.

A two-week offensive by the Assad regime, supported by Russian aircraft, allowed to occupy most of the territory of the rebels North-East of the provincial capital of Deraa, when several towns surrendered.

Fighting and air strikes have already forced more than a quarter of a million people to flee their homes in the South-West of Syria, said the United Nations.

Sweden and Kuwait convened on 5 July a special meeting of the UN security Council on the situation in the South-West of Syria. The region is politically sensitive because of its proximity to Israel and Jordan and of the existence there of an agreement on “de-escalation” which was agreed between the US, Jordan and ally of the Syrian government.

Jordan, which took more than half a million displaced Syrians since the war began, and Israel said they would not open their borders to refugees.

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has repeatedly promised to return “every inch” of the border with Jordan and Israel, parts of Syria, in particular the Israeli-occupied Golan heights.

The United States had previously threatened to take “appropriate measures” in response to the Syrian government violation of the truce, but the rebels said that the US told them not to expect any American military support.

The son of the head of ISIS were killed in HOMS, Syria during a battle against Russian troops

The son of the leader of the terrorist organization Islamic state, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi Huzaifa al-Badri was killed in the Syrian province of HOMS, Reuters reports citing the news channel of the Islamists.

According to the Agency, he was killed in operations against the Alawite and Russian troops on the power plant in HOMS.

The fate of the leader of the IG Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi remains unknown. Despite numerous reports of its liquidation, the Islamists denied his death.

Reuters notes that “the language in Tuesday’s statement imply that he’s still alive.”

The last message from the name al-Baghdadi was published in September.

The number of refugees in the South of Syria has increased to 270 thousand people

According to the UN, the majority of refugees displaced from the war zone in the South of Syria, headed for the borders with Jordan.Ongoing fighting in southern Syria between rebels and Pro-government troops of President Bashar al-Assad has led to a rise in the number of refugees. Their number increased to 270 thousand people, said Monday, July 2, a spokesman for the office of the UN high Commissioner for human rights in Jordan Mohammad Hawari. Previously, the number of so-called displaced persons from the southern regions of the country reached 160 thousand people. According to Hawari, they disappear from large-scale bombings in the province of Deraa.

The UN has said that it has sent a humanitarian convoy with medicines and food supplies to help refugees who are on Syrian territory. Most of them went to the closed border with Jordan and Israel.

Jordan was in contact with Moscow and Damascus

The foreign Minister of Jordan, Ayman al-safadi said earlier that the country will leave closed its border with Syria as more cannot accept the huge influx of refugees into its territory. However, he said that contacts with Moscow and Damascus on ending the military escalation in the South of Syria: this may stop the growth of the number of displaced persons.

The army of Bashar al-Assad, backed by Russian troops from 19 June leads a new offensive against the armed groups of rebels in the province of Deraa in the South of the country. According to human rights activists, during an air RAID on the region on 30 June, killing 15 civilians. The start of the offensive the number of victims has risen to 115 people.

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