Meghan Markle on horse racing

Meghan Markle visited the horse races in Ascot

In the UK, has launched the Royal Ascot horse racing. For the first time at the event in the British Ascot appeared and Meghan Markle accompanied the wife of Prince Harry. The new girl at the Palace dress code stand. After all, according to the rules, women should not choose too short dresses, no bare shoulders and be sure to receive hats with a diameter of not less than 10 centimeters.

Traditionally, the opening ceremony arrived and the Queen, who loves horses.

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Prince George eclipsed Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton on the balcony of Buckingham Palace because he had to close his mouth (video)

The children of the British Royal family become heroes of the birthday of their great-grandmother Elizabeth II and even eclipsed Kate and Megan.

Festive atmosphere of the parade in honor of the birthday of Queen Elizabeth II was discharged by her great-grandchildren

9 June 2018 held a parade in honor of the birthday of the British Queen. Traditionally, almost all the members of the Royal family went out on the balcony of Buckingham Palace. For Meghan Markle it was a debut. But she and Meghan Markle all the public attention moved to great-grandchildren of the Queen. For example, Savannah Phillips closed the mouths of his cousin, Prince George. Obviously, he talked a lot, and she had to clamp his mouth with his hand.

A feminist and people of mixed blood: Meghan Markle – the new face of the monarchy, media

The wife of Prince Harry Megan Markle joined the list of most powerful women in the UK. Besides her, it turned out to be actress Letitia Wright, singer, songwriter Dua Lipa, who had recently arrived in Kiev, the writer J. K. Rowling, model Eddie Campbell and designer Stella McCartney.

It is reported Vogue UK.

“Its influence extends far beyond the continuous lighting of her style – as a feminist from America, a man of mixed race, it helps to forge for the monarchy a new face corresponding to the twenty-first century”,– stated in the publication.

It is noted that Meghan Markle almost overnight became one of the most recognizable women in the world.

“From tinejdzerke, who posed outside the fence of the Palace to the adult actress, who married one of the princes,” writes a gloss on the wife of Prince Harry.

The psychologist explained the fierce gaze of Queen Elizabeth II at the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Dissatisfied with the opinion of the British Queen Elizabeth II, which closely followed a happy face Meghan Markle at the wedding with Prince Harry can attest to the fact that the Royal lady is preparing for a long confrontation over influence over his grandson.

This broadcast ObozTV said psychologist Elena rykhal’s’ke.

“There was not only tension and anxiety. This look was hatred in that look there was something “I’ll show you.” “Now all the formalities will be settled, and then… “. I have this assumption that this notion she (the Queen) was once a relative of Diana, but it’s just not recorded media”, – said the psychologist.

This is a woman that does not like either the beloved or son or grandchildren. There is a category of mothers-in-law, which completely rejects any contender,– said the expert.

At the same time, she noted that this is not the most important message in this marriage.

“It’s education and, therefore, the descendants choose those women who pissed off mother or grandmother. It is this indirect revenge,” – said rykhal’s’ke.

She drew attention to the fact that Meghan Markle gave a little speech that is not supposed to do at Royal weddings in the UK.

“She showed Elizabeth, who here becomes the main” – said the psychologist.

She also said that at this age, as Elizabeth II, the people rejoice the wedding of their offspring even undesirable choices.

“But here we see a completely different reaction. I think Elizabeth knows something that we don’t know. She’s a clever woman, she keeps the Empire in their hands. She, sorry, all my relatives moved and became Queen. This lump,” – said the expert.

Queen Elizabeth II had an operation

Queen Elizabeth II was made an operation to remove cataracts. It is noted that surgical intervention was done in may, but it was izvestno just now.

In particular, the Queen noticed today in one of the private clinics in London. It turned out that she arrived at the postoperative examination.

Елизавета II

“I can confirm that the Queen has successfully undergone a cataract operation last month,” – said the press Secretary of Buckingham Palace.

Recently 92-year-old Queen wore sunglasses. Thus, despite the planned operation, she has canceled public events.

Recall that a cataract is an eye disease associated with clouding of the lens. It leads to impairment of vision, even blindness. One of the main reasons contributing to the development of cataract is advanced age.

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