Mei called the return of Russia in the G8

The Prime Minister, Theresa may, in light of the call of the President of the United States Donald trump about the need to restore Russia’s membership in the club of powerful countries, the G7 said that the country will not be invited back until Moscow will not cease to interfere in the Affairs of other countries.

“There was a good reason why the G8 has become G7” she said, adding that sanctions against Russia were the result of illegal annexation of Crimea.

Тереза Мэй

“Any talk about will Russia be able to return to the negotiating table, may not be conducted until Russia will not change its attitude,” concluded may.

June 8, U.S. President Donald trump said that Russia should attend the meeting of the G7 in Canada.

In turn, the Russian leadership has refused the offer trump

The EU rejected Russia’s return to the format of “eight”

To return to Russia in “eight” called Donald trump. The President of the EU Council Donald Tusk, rejecting the initiative trump, said that the President of the United States calls into question the international world order.The EU rejected the proposal of the President of the United States Donald trump to return to Russia in the format of “big eight”. Seven is a good number, said the Chairman of the EU Council Donald Tusk shortly before the summit “the big seven” in the canadian city of Quebec on Friday, June 8. He also noted that Russia has clearly demonstrated its disinterest in the format of “eight”.

Tusk accused the trump that calls into question the rules-based international order. The behavior of the American President have caused Donald Tusk of serious concern. “What worries me most is the fact that the rules-based world order is in question, oddly enough, not the usual suspects, and its most important architect and guarantor, the United States,” – said the head of the EU Council.

Previously, Donald trump expressed the view that Russia should re-engage in the “big eight”. “Why the meeting (in Quebec city. – Ed.) conducted without the participation of Russia? It should sit at the negotiating table,” said trump before flying to the G7 summit.

The new Prime Minister of Italy, Giuseppe Conte, has supported trump. He said that the return of Russia “in the interests of everyone.” Before the summit in Quebec city between the United States and other members of the “sevens” there is no unity on such key themes as trade, nuclear agreement with Iran, and climate protection.

Russia halved investments in government securities U.S.

With a portfolio of investments in the amount of 48.7 billion dollars in April Russia was in the list of the largest holders of US government bonds 22-th line.Russia halved the volume of their investments in US treasuries. It follows from the data published on Friday, June 15, the American Ministry of Finance.

So, if in March 2018, the total investment reached 96,1 billion (82,6 billion euros), then a month later it was reduced by 47.4 billion (40.7 billion euros). With a portfolio of investments in the amount of 48.7 billion (€41.9 billion), the Russian took the list from 33 countries of the 22-th line.

The top three on the size of investments in us securities include China, Japan and Ireland. For China, the corresponding figure in April was 1181,9 billion (1017 billion euros), almost 24 times the volume of the Russian investments. Germany in the list was on 17-th position (86 billion, or 74 billion euros).

Meanwhile, December 2016, that is, almost since the election of Donald trump President of the United States, and up to July 2017, Russian investments in US treasuries were growing. As of may 2017, their volume was $ 108.7 billion (93,5 billion Euro).

The U.S. justice Department gave Congress classified documents in the case of RF interference in the elections

The U.S. Department of justice has partially complied with the request of congressional committees. They are a few months ago asked for the secret documents in the case of RF interference in the elections.The U.S. Department of justice gave Congress more thousands of secret documents in the investigation about the alleged Russian interference in American elections. Thus, the Ministry has partially complied with the requests of the intelligence Committee and the judiciary Committee of the U.S. Congress, said on Saturday, June 23, the press Secretary of the speaker of the house Paul Ryan. Otherwise, the congressmen threatened the officials to resign.

“Our efforts have led to the fact that the committees finally got the information I requested a few months ago, but some important matters still remain to be implemented”, – quotes the words of Ashley strong AP.

Us intelligence agencies suspect that the Kremlin intervened in the election campaign in the US to help Donald Trump to be President. The estimated RF interference in elections to investigate special Prosecutor, Robert Mueller, and several congressional committees. They, in particular, check which contacts were in Moscow with representatives of the electoral headquarters of the trump.

Since the appointment of Mueller spectaculorum in Russia in may 2017, the U.S. justice Department spent more than $ 17 million (14.5 million euros) to investigate possible relationships of the President of Donald trump and his entourage with the Russian Federation.

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