May lose the trust of the British on the issue of withdrawal from the EU

British citizens do not approve of how their government is negotiating the exit from the European Union and do not believe in the ability of Prime Minister Theresa may to get a good result at the end of negotiations.

This was reported by research company ORB International and published the data of poll.

The survey was conducted among 2 027 of British citizens over the age of 18 years during the period from July 6 to July 8, 2018, or before a double resignation on Monday, July 9, when the Minister on the question of EU exit David Davis and former British foreign Minister, Boris Johnson has resigned.

As noted, in the survey, there were several “record” in the attitude of the British to conduct Brexit’and. A record number of respondents – 71% – have declared that do not approve of the negotiation process under the leadership of the Cabinet of Ministers Theresa may at the exit of Britain from the EU

The trust of the British personally to Theresa may as Prime Minister, able to enter into successful for Britain, a deal with the authorities of the EU fell to its lowest level since the start of this survey in November 20 6 g: only 26% of respondents believe that Mei will be able to achieve favorable conditions for the conclusion of agreements on withdrawal from the EU.

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