Merkel considers the dismal failure of trump

The transatlantic partnership is still valid, but you can rely on him less. Angela Merkel commented on a personal decision by trump to withdraw his signature under the final document of the summit G7.”Disappointing” and “frustrating” was named Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel (Angela Merkel) the decision of the President of the United States Donald trump to withdraw its signature from the communiqué of the G7 summit. She stated on Sunday, June 10, at the ARD channel program “Anne Will”.

According to Merkel, she is still of the opinion that trump “on many issues” shares the principles and values of G7. “However, the review signatures to the communiqué, of course, is a drastic step,” said Merkel. She underlined that does not consider this event the end translanticism partnership, but believes that “more to it you can’t just rely on.” The head of the German government called for the preservation of the G7 format.

Merkel also supported the EU’s decision on the response to U.S. duties on steel and aluminium from Europe. “We will not allow over and over again to benefit at our expense to us,” she said. This applies, according to the Chancellor, and threats trump on the introduction of duties on foreign, including German cars. Then the EU will again have to think how to answer that, she said.

Trump surprised everyone

After completion in Canada of the G7 summit, the US President Donald trump Sunday, June 10, suddenly withdrew its signature under the final joint statement. It was the first such case in the history of the format of the “big seven”.

His decision, trump explained the position of canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau a relatively new customs duties on U.S. steel and aluminium. “Justin Trudeau during the G7 summit looked so gentle and humble, and after my departure he said at a press conference that “the duties of States was rather offensive” and that he “will not sit down on your head.” Very unfair and weak!” – wrote the President of the United States on his Twitter page.

During a press conference at the end of the G7 summit Justin Trudeau stated that Canada will increase customs tariffs for the United States in response to the introduction Washington’s new duties on steel and aluminum. “We don’t want to do it, but definitely will take this step because we Canadians are friendly and wise, but will not allow a command”, – said Trudeau.

Spectacular Mueller revealed the name of the “person A” in the matter of trump

Assistant Manafort held in the case as “person A” was a Konstantin kilimnik. He along with former chief of staff trump is accused of pressure on witnesses in the “Russian case”.Spectacular USA Robert Mueller is investigating an alleged Russian interference in the US presidential election, Friday, June 8, for the first time named among the accused a Constantine Kilimnik. Previously he held the documents as “person A”.

In particular, kilimnik and former chief of staff trump by Paul Manafort accused of attempting to exert pressure on witnesses. According to the investigation, kilimnik and Manafort repeatedly contacted the two witnesses via telephone and messenger. They tried to persuade witnesses to give false testimony about the nature of their joint work in Ukraine. In addition, kilimnik, who worked for former President of Ukraine Yanukovych and the Party of regions, is in close contact with Russian intelligence services.

Robert Mueller on 9 June accused Manafort the pressure on witnesses. By Paul Manafort headed the election headquarters of the trump from June to August 2016. In October 2017 were brought against him the accusation that he has for several years lobbied for the interests of the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych and the Party of regions, but has not been registered in the United States as a “foreign agent”, and also evaded from payment of taxes.

In February of this year Manafort also accused of laundering through offshore account up to $ 30 million with his business partner Rick gates. The former head of the electoral headquarters of the trump refuses to admit his guilt.

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