The international “five” produces a guarantee

EU banks, primarily Austrian, acutely exposed to Russian than American or Asian, risks transferred credit rating Agency Fitch Ratings.

Requirements for foreign banks to counterparties in Russia at the end of the third quarter amounted to $242 billion, of which $184 billion to European banks, according to the Bank for international settlements.

On North American financial institution accounts for 16%, Asian – 7%.

At the end of last month, Fitch and Standard & Poor’s downgraded the credit rating of Russia to “negative” from “stable”, highlighting the role of geopolitical tensions and the imposition of sanctions.

Fitch reports that about 60% of Russian risk eurobank – requirements of the local units.

“The situation may strike at the profitability of Russian banks, however they usually foniruyutsya in the local market”, – stated in the message.

In Japan

In Japan, the business sentiment has slightly increased during the first quarter of the current year, and market expectations significantly lower than it was in 1997, when Japan increased the sales tax, confirmed by the data of the Central Bank of the country.

The sentiment index for manufacturers rose by 1 point compared with the previous three months at +17 points.

Improvement was observed for the fifth month running, the figures do not match with the expectations of economists forecast of +18 points. In the last quarter of last year the indicator increased by 4 points.

The measure of sentiment for large companies in the sector increased by 4 points to 24 points, in line with expectations, due to the fact that buyers were rushing to make purchases before April 1, when we raised the tax.

It should be noted that large manufacturers and companies working in the field of services predict a deterioration of the situation.

Entrepreneurs invited to Armenia

From 17 to 23 October will be held the business-mission of enterprises of Saratov region in Armenia, reports the Ministry of economic development of the region.

The business program provides the participation in international conferences, round tables, exchanges of business contacts in the B2B, presentations of Russian companies, the Eighth international industrial exhibition EXPO RUSSIA-ARMENIA (development areas: energy, engineering, construction, aviation, road and rail transport, agriculture, oil, gas and chemical industry, innovative industry, banking, medicine, biotechnology, education).

Enterprises and organizations of the region are invited to participate in the trip (phone – 27-81-02, 26-24-27, 39-04-31).

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