On the range exercises have been heavy flamethrower systems

On the ground Shikhany in the Saratov region were the teachings of the connections of the troops of radiation, chemical and biological protection. Calculations of heavy flamethrower system TOS-1A “Solntsepek” fulfilled salvo firing – each machine is produced in two shells at the same time.

According to the teachings of the flamethrower had to destroy more than 500 militants who have entrenched themselves in underground facilities, and planned an offensive on the town. “The enemy” was destroyed 24 thermobaricity shells from a distance of 3 km.

The calculations, performed the task, has received high praise from the head of the troops of radiation, chemical and biological protection.

TOS-1A created on the chassis of tank T-72. Can fire missiles in thermobaric and demosaicing gear at a distance from 400 m to 6 km.

Repelled the attack and captured the bandit: the Tolmachevo air base exercises held anti-terror group

Military at the airbase raised the alarm

At a military airbase Tolmachevo in Novosibirsk region was the training of anti-terror group: military repelled the attack of the enemy and not allowed the terrorists to hijack flight technique.

“According to the plan check of combat readiness of anti-terror unit, diversionary-reconnaissance groups (DRG) imaginary enemy secretly invaded the territory of the military base, trying to capture the combat flight and destroy the military airport. Troops were alerted and moved to the site of entry. Counterterrorism forces clashed with a conditional enemy and captured the leader of the militants”, – said the press service of the Central military district.

In addition, during class group of engineers inspected the ammunition depots in search of explosives, which established a conditional terrorists.

In a press-service of the CVO said that the combat training took part the entire composition of the Tolmachevo air base.

Reference: military airbase Tolmachevo is included with 14 army air force air defense Central military district. Are armed with multi-purpose helicopters Mi-8AMTSH, designed to transport cargo, troops and fire support from the air. As well as attack helicopters Mi-24, which are used for destroying manpower, armoured vehicles and weapon emplacements of the enemy.

Earlier Novosibirsk members of spetsnaz held classes in the mountain ranges of Sayan – during the exercise the military rose to a height of 2400 meters and captured the camp of the enemy.

In the Voronezh region opened a monument to the soldier-Martyr

In Kalach opened the monument to the border guard Yevgeny Rodionov. In 1996 in the North Caucasus brutally tortured by bandits. After the training part of the 18-year-old guard managed to serve only a month. He along with three teammates captured by the militants.

After three months of bullying on the day of the 19th anniversary, the young border guard was killed for refusing to remove the cross and accept Islam. Now his name is known far beyond the roll. In the Orthodox churches Evgeny Rodionov was canonized, for firmness and courage of the young frontier guard was posthumously awarded the order of Courage.

However, found out about his feat immediately. After the disappearance of Genis he was declared a deserter. But the mother – Lubov did not believe in it, and she went to Chechnya to find her son. A few months she was looking for Eugene in the mountains.

With warlords she’s spoken differently its seen, used, beaten, abused, also, but, in the end, in the fall of 1996 she was told that he is killed, he may still be alive, – said the Deputy Chairman of the Kalacheevsky district organization of veterans of a border service Andrey Shcherbakov.

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