At the summit on refugees decided to build a “fortress Europe”

At the meeting in Brussels, the EU members agreed to keep migrants away from their borders. Thus the sacrifice of the legal norms and principles of humanism, says Barbara Wesel.Can the German Chancellor Angela Merkel (Angela Merkel) after the summit on migration in Brussels (attended by 16 of the 28 member countries of the EU. – Ed.) to offer his partner in the government coalition Seehofer Horst (Horst Seehofer) solution that allows you to send refugees back to Italy? No. If the Chancellor wants to achieve something on this front, she needs to reach bilateral agreements with Rome. But given how confidently leads a new Italian government, we can only wish Merkel success.

After the meeting in Brussels several of the heads of governments of European States said that the summit was not convened with the purpose of saving Merkel (due to its dispute with Seehofer. – Ed). However, they gladly took the opportunity to hold talks to secure the right turn in the migration policy of the EU.

Priority – the strengthening of the external borders of the EU

Talk about more effective protection of the external borders of the European Union have long become commonplace in discussions on migration. However, some of the land border of the EU in the South of the continent is already pretty well protected. Of course, you can pull the barbed wire even further and to increase the number of border guards. It is possible to pay more to individual members of the EU, so they intensified their efforts. The European Commission plans to increase the number of the European border service Frontex to 10 000 people: it must create the impression that Europe is reliably protected. Until recently, there were few willing to provide the money and staff.

In essence, however, we are talking about how to block migrants way through the Mediterranean sea. Italy has appealed to other EU member States to provide it with more patrol boats in the first place is the demand addressed to France.

The President of this country, Emmanuel macron, in principle, supports the position of the Italians, who don’t want to catch the refugees from the water – especially off the coast of Libya. In the opinion of Rome, the responsibility should be borne solely by the local coast guard in exchange for additional funding and equipment.

Human rights are thrown overboard

At the same time the norms of Maritime and international law, no one else is saying. Chancellor of Austria Sebastian Kurz also refers to Paris ‘ initiative with great enthusiasm. Libya at all desire can not be called “safe country”, but for summit it does not matter. Meanwhile, the money that Brussels intends to allocate Libya for the maintenance of refugees, can become a tasty morsel for the local armed forces. The EU does not feel responsible for the inhuman conditions in Libyan camps for immigrants where torture, rape and murder. Brussels was limited to only a vague reference to the Office of the UN high Commissioner for refugees.

Future plans for the establishment of camps for refugees in third countries – for example, in Albania or in countries of North Africa have not yet officially voiced. According to some estimates, bilateral and multilateral agreements between individual countries. But the fact remains: the EU has the political will to use this method to get rid of the migrants who are denied asylum and who cannot return home.

The tone set in the EU populists

Ranting about European values, the President of France the first and ignores them. Today, Libya remains a trap for hundreds of thousands of people. The decision to transfer them at the disposal of the violent armed forces is inhumane and possibly illegal.

The plight of refugees and causes of their flight completely sidelined. They are no longer people, but only unwanted migrants, which the Minister of internal Affairs of Italy Matteo Salvini can call “meat” or “goods”, without causing universal indignation.

With regard to migration, the populist, came to power in Italy, will continue to make other EU members to dance to their tune. Macron support them, because they do not want to give the French right-wing forces about to attack him.

Supporters of the Italian government comes in and Austria, where the authorities also came right-wing populists, and the new “League of the South” – the Bavarian Christian social Union (CSU) (similar to Italian right populist party, the “League” in the past, “the Northern League”. – Ed.). Fear of disease is so great that the majority of EU countries are entirely willing to abandon the observance of human rights against migrants and refugees. And if Chancellor Merkel does not want to lose power, it remains to act on the principle: to live with wolves – a wolf howl.

Author: Barbara Wesel, browser DW

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