In Eastern Canada because of the heat killed more than 50 people

In the canadian provinces of Quebec and Ontario feel the temperature rose to 40 degrees Celsius.In Eastern Canada the heat died 54 people, according to the authorities of the canadian province of Quebec on Sunday, July 8. Slightly more than half of the total number of deaths registered in Montreal, the largest city of Quebec.

In the neighboring province of Ontario throughout the week, also remains at high temperatures. According to the canadian weather service, in recent days the temperature rose to 34 degrees Celsius, due to high humidity the perceived temperature reached 40 degrees. By the weekend the temperature subsided a little.

This is not the first deaths in Canada due to the heat. In 2010, in the district of Montreal, the high temperature has caused the death of about a hundred people.

Rare black Dolphin died after swallowing 80 plastic bags

In southern Thailand killed a black Dolphin who swallowed 80 plastic bags. He pulled out five packages, while experts-zoologists tried to save him.

“Packages with a total weight of eight kilograms stuck the animal in the stomach and in the throat and did not allow him to swallow and digest food”, – stated in the message of local authorities.

Environmentalists have tried to keep the animal afloat with boats and installed it over the tent to protect from the scorching rays of the sun.

Dolphin tried to save for several days, but on Friday afternoon he died.

Biologist-oceanographer Tone Thamrongnawasawat told reporters that because of swallowed packages Dolphin could not survive, because have not been able to eat.

“If you have the stomach 80 packets, you can assume that you have already died,” he said.

Recent studies have shown that the number of different products from plastic in the ocean will triple over the next ten years if we take no action.

Thailand – a major consumer of plastic bags. The government announced in may the intention to introduce an additional tax on them. It is believed that these bags are annually lead to the deaths of hundreds of inhabitants of the ocean.

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