Novosibirsk military started shooting

In the Central military district held a training session in Novosibirsk commandos: snipers fired at the balloons in the window, pretending it was the leader of a bandit group.

Военные пробежали 3 километра и открыли огонь по условному противнику The military ran 3 miles and opened fire on the conditional enemy

The training was held in the field camp gathering of scouts of the CVO. It began with a forced March.

“Before the soldiers had the task to advance in the area of the operation, to select a point for the equipment designated sniper ambush. Snipers have completed the move from deep in the rear for a distance of over 3 kilometers. The soldiers had to stay as unnoticed posts escort that is executing the patrol route. For these purposes, the sniper made a disguise to blend in with the terrain,” – said the press service of the Central military district.

When the military was in the right place, then opened fire on the leader conditional bandit group, which was as far as possible – less than a mile away.

“Complicating the task that the shooting was carried out <…> for non – standard targets- balloons, installed in the small window of the command post of the imaginary enemy. Balls with a diameter of 10 centimeters were in constant motion, so the snipers had to calculate ballistic characteristics, to calculate the wind speed and adjust the shot using special devices” – described the exercise in the Central military district.

As military physicians APU competed: vivid photo

Participation in the competition was attended by representatives of the command of the Land forces, naval forces, air assault forces, special operation Forces and the Military police.

In Chernihiv region on Thursday, June 14, with the participation of military doctors of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was held the final of the competition for the best specialist in tactical medicine and the best office collect and evacuate the wounded.

Participation in the competition was attended by representatives of the command of the Land forces, naval forces, air assault forces, special operation Forces and the Military police – a total of 26 military personnel.

During the competition they showed their skills in first aid in combat conditions.

Also held the practical phase of the exercises in tactical medicine in the divisions of VSU.

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Novosibirsk military doctors gave the new machine

New cars are characterized by high permeability

Military doctors of the Central military district, stationed in the Novosibirsk region received new avtoperevozchiki complexes “AP-2”.

The basis for a new avtoperevozchik serves as a base car GAZ-66 with high traffic.

“Avtoperevozki AP-2 is designed to provide surgical care to patients requiring emergency measures first aid – stopping external bleeding, blood transfusion, elimination of asphyxia, the treatment of wounds”, – told in the press service of the CVO.

In addition, according to the press service of the Central military district, in new machines can be surgery.

In April, the special forces troops of the Central military district received a new armored vehicles “Typhoon-K”: in Novosibirsk parts brought eight new machines.

Novosibirsk military received locator “Nebo-UM”

Radar consists of several modules: antenna hardware package, cockpit management jobs calculation and read more

The connection of air defense Central military district stationed in the Novosibirsk region, were armed with the latest radar “Sky-MIND”.

This is a modified model of the next generation of radar stations “Nebo-U” with a change of equipment. It can detect aircraft of different purposes – from high-speed missiles to aircraft and to determine their coordinates.

“”Sky-MIND” able to control the airspace within a radius of 600 kilometers, to detect an object at an altitude of 80 kilometers and in advance to prevent the attack of the enemy,” – said the press service of the CVO.

In a press-service of the CVO correspondent NGS said that now the military can learn a new technique – retraining will take a short period of time.

In April 2018, the spetsnaz units of the CVO received a new armored vehicles “Typhoon-K”.

The military published a photo of the “flight commander” in the Voronezh region

The pilots of the Western military district are teaching. Commander’s flights are in the Voronezh, Kursk, Tver regions, and in Karelia.

The press service ZVO published an impressive photo exercises involving commanders of various degrees, from the commanders of the separate aviation of the sides up to the commander of the air base.

During the exercise pilots practice the most difficult exercise of the course of military training in the daytime and at night, as well as interaction with land management group flights at the airport when you perform takeoff, landing and go-around, told to call.

Soldiers are trained on fighter-interceptor MiG-31BM, MiG-29SMT, su-35S, su-30SM, su-27 and su-34 bombers. In total commanders during exercises will perform more than 120 years of changes.

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