Renaming fields: whom and how to change the documents

Dnipropetrovsk and Kirovohrad region is likely soon changes names, respectively, Sichevskyi and Onward. The Committee on state construction, regional policy and local self-government of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine supported the proposal of such a renaming.

The lawyer of the Ukrainian Institute of national memory Sergey Ryabenko said in comments to channel 24, this time, unlike other renaming within decommunisation that renaming fields requires changes to article 133 of the Constitution.

It won’t be done by Parliament and through the adoption of two bills in the first reading, then the documents will be submitted to the constitutional court, and after concluding that these laws comply with the Constitution, at the next session of Parliament, these laws must be approved by more than 300 votes of deputies.

What do the state institutions

Public authorities will have to provide a list of regional and district state administrations and relevant departments, the structural units of these administrations, bodies of local self-government to the new name fields.

The procedure of renaming of local state administrations is already gained in the past year have made the appropriate changes to the law on local state administrations. Many local authorities have this procedure passed.

The local Council, its Executive Committee must submit to the state Registrar a completed application on state registration of amendments information about the legal entity contained in the Unified state register of legal entities, individuals – entrepreneurs and community groups. Form of this statement was approved by order of Ministry of justice of 06.01.2016 No. 15/5 (also the form can be downloaded from the website of the Ministry of justice).

Other Executive bodies of the local Council needs to submit the decision of the Council about the renaming of this Executive body. More documents the state Registrar requires. Part six of article 36 of the law on state registration specifies that local authorities and public bodies are exempt from paying the administrative fee for state registration.

The Registrar shall examine the submitted documents within 24 hours of their receipt (not considered weekends and holidays). If everything is designed correctly, the state Registrar makes the appropriate changes in the Unified state register and issue an extract. Then local councils, their Executive bodies, territorial divisions of state bodies can be considered to be renamed. You can change seals, stamps, signs on administrative buildings, produce new forms, and the like.

Territorial subdivisions of state bodies, such as the structure of the national police, the emergency services, educational bodies, health, social protection, Pension Fund and others if they have the status of legal persons – regarding their creation, liquidation or reorganization, by law, a responsible Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, so he will make the appropriate decision. If the organs are structural subdivisions of the staff of a particular Ministry or other body of Executive authority, the renaming will carry the head of the relevant Ministry or service.

What documents to change the citizens

Chairman of the Ukrainian Institute of national memory Vladimir vyatrovich explained – to run and to quickly change the documents, in particular, set a new mark place of registration in the passport, if the name of the street, the city, the area has changed, not required. “Except that in the case where the totalitarian the name of the document you completely annoying,” said the historian.

The corresponding changes, according to Ukrainian legislation, can be done when it is convenient for the citizen – when changing the place of residence or, for example, when changing the photograph in the passport. The state fee for the stamp with the new address in the passport office is 85 cents.

As Ukrainian legislation does not provide for deadlines for changing other documents in the case of renaming. Documents of ownership to apartments, houses, land and any property, which shows the old names remain valid. Changes should be made by the owner or in the case of sale, gift, inheritance registration of real estate. With the additional charge, these services will not require the buyer and the seller will pay the notary the same amount as if the name did not change.

For car owners change the name of the field does not mean a change of residence – it is not the basis for vehicle re-registration and changes in registration. But appropriate changes can be made in the event of a sale, donation. Here too – no extra fees.

If any government official would insist on a change of license plates or ehtalon in connection with the renaming is corruption, said viatrovych.

How to act entrepreneurs

They need to make changes in statutory documents. But the procedure under the current legislation free – there is no administration fee, nor payment of the notary (notarization of signatures on the Charter repealed).

Physical person-entrepreneur (FLP) needs to change about your new address in the Unified state registry – it will also be free.

Recall, 20 June, the Committee of the Verkhovna Rada supported the proposal of renaming the Dnipropetrovsk region in Sichevskyi, and Kirovohrad in Kropyvnyts’ke.

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