Scrambled combat helicopters

In the exercise involved more than 500 military personnel

Near Novosibirsk began large-scale exercises of the pilots of the Central military district raised the alarm the crews of combat helicopters Mi-24 “Crocodile” and Mi-8AMTSH “Terminator.”

В учениях участвует больше 500 военнослужащих

“The exercise involved the crews of about 30 helicopters, the exact number I can not tell. The alarm raised the crew of the Tolmachevo air base. During the exercise they will practice reconnaissance, battle management with the use of missile weapons and piloting,” – said the press service of the CVO.

The training will last until the end of the week, they involved more than 500 people. The main task of the pilots will be air support for ground troops in carrying out various operations.

“Crews will work on the elements of air combat, will perform the tasks of conducting reconnaissance, as well as conduct firing with rocket and small arms”, – reported the press service of the Central military district.

Reference: Mi-24 “Crocodile” Russian army attack helicopter developed by OKB M. L. Mil. Is a specialized helicopter gunships. Serial production of the helicopter started in 1971 and since then he has received numerous modifications that have been distributed to many countries around the world.

The other day there was SWAT training CVO – military practiced evacuation of civilians from the territory of the enemy.

The gunners have taken up on combat duty in Novosibirsk

Calculations anti-aircraft missile systems of the Central military district have taken up for combat duty – with anti-aircraft systems s-400 “Triumph” the military will serve as the shield air space of the Novosibirsk region.

С-400 «Триумф» поступили на вооружение новосибирских зенитчиков в 2016 году S-400 “Triumph” did take weapons Novosibirsk gunners in 2016

According to the press-papier-service of the CVO, the calculations of anti-aircraft missile systems s-400 “Triumph” to the back from the exercise, which took place at the site “Ashuluk” in the Astrakhan region. Suck it exercises Novosibirsk gunners practiced firing accurately at air targets.

“The regiment was rearmed receive and sign the s-400 system in March 2016. Due to the superior characteristics of the new systems the far limit of the affected area increased 3.5 times, purely provided more effective cover important objects in the area of responsibility”, – reported in the mole cricket service of the CVO.

Reference: system s-400 “Triumph” is intended pursuance) of destruction of aircraft strategic and tactical aircraft, ballistic missiles and hypersonic targets, and likewise can be used to destroy ground targets. In the Russian army since 2007.

Get the days in Novosibirsk ended large-scale exercises of the pilots of the Central military district – the crews of combat helicopters Mi-24 “Crocodile” and Mi-8AMTSH “Terminator” practiced bombing mordobitie the camp and equipment imaginary enemy.

Novosibirsk missile complexes “YARS” went on the patrol routes

Novosibirsk missile compound is completely transferred to “Yarsy” in March

In the Novosibirsk region on combat patrol routes out mobile ground missile complexes “YARS”.

“These lessons are conducted around the clock. They will test the readiness of personnel and of arms and military equipment for long-term combat duty on combat patrol routes”, – reported the Department of information and mass communications of the Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation.

In the military classes and units learning out in the field areas, the complexes “YARS” to the trails and maintain them alert.

“Special attention during the practical actions of the troops will be paid to combating air and ground (conventional) enemy attacks of sabotage and reconnaissance groups, the preservation of combat capability and combat missions in difficult conditions. One of the priorities will be working out of a wide range of questions on the search, blocking and destruction of conditional sabotage-reconnaissance groups in the night time”, – explained in Department.

Novosibirsk missile compound is completely transferred to the complexes “YARS” in March 2018. The first missile complexes “YARS” arrived in Novosibirsk oblast in October 2013. They replaced the older complexes “Topol”.

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