The increase in tariffs: why is the IMF?

The head of the national Bank Smoliy call the next increase of tariffs and reduction of expenses of the budget – the mandatory condition for the continuation of cooperation with the IMF.

Why is the IMF? The answer is very simple.

Destroyed and plundered the economy and the high level of corruption – do not leave other possibilities for filling the budget from which to repay debt to foreign creditors.

Therefore, the Ukrainian government decides to create a constantly growing stream in the budget at the expense of the population. Namely, using the “European rynochnyh tariffs”. And now, despite the fact that the cost of gas production Subsidiary is 3-4 UAH per 1 cubic, from the public and industry need to pay for it 11 hryvnia.

The difference – the budget that is used for calculations with “European and American partners” who support the revolution and the coming to power Poroshenko companions.

In turn, the budget sequestration – sokrashchenie it costs is an additional measure of saving money for debt payments associated with the economic problems.

Thus, the lack of tax charges and theft – offset by the population twice. Once through tariffs. The second by reducing the social cost of subsidies, health care, education, pensions, infrastructure, utilities, etc., etc.

We’re almost 5 years slaves. Although for some reason call their slavery “freedom”.

The source said about the cunning way of the authorities to avoid the important requirements of the IMF

Parliamentarians try to avoid the consideration of amendments to the law on the anti-corruption court, going to hospital, delaying the process.

This “Apostrophes” said a source in the Verkhovna Rada

“Many take sick leave on Thursday (the day of consideration of amendments to the bill). This is complete insanity,” said one of the deputies the day before.

Not having to review all edits, the process was postponed until the next plenary week, which begins on 4 June.

The presidential administration uses this pause in the talks with the IMF. And at the moment it is not clear what decision the President Petro Poroshenko to continue to argue with the IMF and to prove that the requirement of the Fund is unconstitutional, or to have the courage to fulfill the promises that were given before.

The EU agreed on a new powerful blow to Russia: there was the enemy

The leaders of the European Union at a summit in Brussels agreed on the decision to extend sanctions against Russia for another six months.

This was reported by a source in the EU structures. “We held a short discussion on the subject of the Russian Federation, Ukraine, the Minsk agreements, the outcome was the agreement to extend the sanctions for another six months”, – quoted his words.

At the same time, it is known that Italy has opposed the adoption of such decision.

In particular, the Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte said that anti-Russian sanctions should not be renewed automatically.

Previously, Conti has expressed a willingness to work towards lifting the sanctions against Moscow. According to him, Russia has played a key role in resolving many international crises and it is wrong to disengage from a dialogue with her.

In addition, it became known that the planned statement on trade and defense policy of the EU was blocked by the Italy because of the differences in views on immigration policy to Brussels.

Due to the lack of the statement a press-the conference of presidents of the European Council and the European Commission was postponed to the next day, said the report of the Council of Europe.

In the end, as confirmed by European Council President Donald Tusk a decision on both the contentious issues was made.

In particular, the Prime Minister of Luxembourg, Xavier Bettel announced that the EU leaders came to “proryvnom” the agreement after it had sat all night.

The EU has already welcomed the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko on his page in Facebook.

“Deeply grateful to all our friends in the EU for the unshakable unity and solidarity with Ukraine. The price for the aggression and will continue to grow if the Kremlin will continue to undermine the peace process. Believe that a common front, we can force the aggressor to retreat, to respect international law and to ensure the restoration of the territorial integrity of Ukraine!” – he stressed.

Russia already responded to the extension of restrictive measures.

So, the head of the international Committee of the Federation Council of Russia Konstantin Kosachev claims that it increasingly affects the interests of Ukraine, rather than Russia.

Maria Gaidar decided to leave Odessa regional Council

Former Russian politician Maria Gaidar decided to resign of the Deputy of the Odessa regional Council.

This is stated in the draft decision of the regional Council regular session scheduled for next week.

The project says that the issue will be dealt with in accordance with clause 10 of part 1 of article 43, part 1 of article 49 of the law “On local self-government in Ukraine”, clause 2 of part 2 of article 5 of the law “On status of deputies of local councils”, as well as taking into account personal statement Gaidar.

“Early terminate powers of the Deputy of the Odessa regional Council M. E. Gaidar, who was elected in multi-member constituencies in the electoral list of the Odessa territorial organization of the party “Block of Petro Poroshenko “Solidarity”, – stated in the draft.

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