Forecast long battle the Kremlin and the West

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin believes that Ukraine and Russia are “one people”, which the Kremlin will be a big challenge for Western countries in the coming years.

About it the Ambassador extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Ukraine in Austria Alexander szczerba expressed in the article on “the Mirror of Week”.

It is noted that Russia will become for the EU a bigger challenge than the financial collapses and the refugee crisis – the Kremlin will be pressed for Europe, and the main prize of the game will be Ukraine, where a battle is already in full swing.

From the point of view of Putin, the revolution in Ukraine is a revolution against him, and that was the cause of the pressure.

“If dodavit, instead of a second Poland in Europe will be second to Haiti. For decades the continent will be destabilized. Suppressing of Ukraine (and it will have to suppress every day), Russia is even more radicalized, and the EU finally become a “closed club”. Closed in the sense of cessation of European expansion, in the sense of the sunset of the European idea as a transformative factor in the sense of the need to be constantly alert for unstable, heavy, wild East,” the article says.

The diplomat believes that in this scenario, Ukraine will cease to grow democracy and begin to grow the dictatorship: “the Gloomy story of brothers Strugatsky will turn into the dystopia of the Wachowski sisters. And here observe the distinction between hot and cold war will become even harder than in the days of the Berlin wall. Let’s hope that Europe will be wise enough to calculate this scenario and the steps that lead to it. For example, the construction of the gas pipeline Nord stream-2”.

Shcherba emphasized that poisoning, interference in the elections, ignoring state borders, propaganda Russia “fueling the fire under the burner”, probing Europe and hoping that the EU “cooked”, almost without realizing it: “It would be unfortunate if European noble impulse ended so ignominiously. For Ukraine, it would be really bad. However, for the EU a breakthrough for Putin in Ukraine would be a sign of the emasculation of the European project”.

“The EU rightly considers itself a mechanism of positive transformation of the political space, designed to turn enemies into friends. It is by nature not looking for no enemies, no recipes coexistence with enemies. This was his strength. Now this may be a weakness. For Russia, it seems, is firmly set for a long standoff,” said the diplomat.

“The dilemma of Ukraine – is the same as the European Union, but more acute: how to get along with the neighbor-paranoid, avoiding perpetual war? What could be left out for the sake of peace, and he can’t refuse under any circumstances? In short: how to live with Russia? This is the Ukrainian and the European question, to which there are no winning answers. Our “Sophie’s choice”. Any honest response involves the political Golgotha, anyone dishonest – most likely, the victory of Russia, and the lack of response will mean that Ukraine will continue to lose this war its best people, and Europe – his drive and authority. So in the end it is a dilemma not even a political calculation, but a moral, ethical,” continued the Ambassador.

“The battle for Europe continues. Hot and bloody we. Cold and cynical from them. Someone has to win. Unlikely to be a draw,” he said Scherba.

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