Putin and trump agreed to a constructive dialogue

The meeting at the presidential Palace in the capital of Finland, July 16, 2018 was the first opportunity for the heads of Russia and the USA to discuss various issues outside the framework of multilateral international forums. Prior to that, Vladimir Putin and Donald trump met in July 2017 at the summit of “Big twenty” in Hamburg in November 2017 at the APEC summit in the Vietnamese da Nang.

Personal conversation between the leaders of Russia and the USA in the format of “one on one” lasted two hours and ten minutes. Donald trump said that the tete-a-tete with Vladimir Putin was a good start of the negotiations: “I think it’s a good start. It’s a very very good start for everyone.” This was followed by a meeting in enlarged format of a working Breakfast involving Russian and American delegations.

After talks in expanded format, Mr Putin and Donald trump held a joint press conference. The Russian President noted that the negotiations with Donald trump was “very useful and were business-like and Frank atmosphere”, showing a mutual desire to develop relations between Russia and the United States. Vladimir Putin also said that the heads of state “are looking for options on how to reconcile these differences, how to make our work constructive.”

The Russian President stressed that relations should be based not on short-term domestic political interests in Russia or the United States, and the facts.

Vladimir Putin is once again officially rejected any charges of “Russian intervention in U.S. elections, stating: “the Russian government never interfered and did not intend to interfere in the internal Affairs of the United States, including in the electoral process.” He also called a “complete nonsense” suggestions that Russia was allegedly in cahoots with Donald trump during the election campaign in the United States.

In addition, Vladimir Putin recalled “the famous business of the company Hermitage Capital, Mr. Browder”. The President of the Russian Federation noted that under the leadership of Browder group of individuals earned “more than half a billion dollars, without paying taxes, neither Russia nor the United States, after which $400 million were sent to help the election campaign of Hillary Clinton.

It is likely that after the recent negotiations, this information will be sent to the relevant services in the U.S. to study and open investigation on this issue.

The US President has described the talks as “direct, open, very productive dialogue.” Donald trump stated that he discussed with Vladimir Putin the so-called “interference” of Russia in elections in the United States in 2016, and considers “interesting” the idea of establishing a working group on cyber security proposed by the President of the Russian Federation.

While Donald trump also said that the U.S. is going to compete with Russia for the energy market of Europe and oppose the construction of the pipeline “Nord stream – 2”. The US President called Putin “a good opponent”, adding that he considers such an assessment as a compliment.

One concrete outcome of the negotiations in Helsinki was the decision to establish a working group with participation of representatives of business Russia and the United States for the development of economic cooperation. At the same time, the leaders of Russia and the US agreed on holding further meetings in this format. Donald trump said: “We agreed that most likely will meet often in the future, and hope that will solve all the problems that we discussed today.”

Vladimir Putin: Dear Mr President! Ladies and gentlemen!

Talks with the President of the United States of America Mr. Donald trump were held in a Frank and business-like atmosphere, I consider them very successful and useful.

We discussed the current state and prospects of Russian-American relations, the key issues on the international agenda. It is obvious that the bilateral relations are experiencing a difficult period, however, these difficulties prevailing tense atmosphere do not have objective reasons.

The cold war is long over, the era of sharp ideological confrontation of the two countries have gone far in the past, the world situation has changed dramatically. Today, both Russia and the U.S. are faced with completely different challenges: this is a dangerous imbalance of mechanisms for international security, stability, regional crises, the spread of threats of terrorism and cross-border crime, criminality, the increasing problems in the global economy, environmental and other risks. To cope with all of this is possible only by combining efforts. I hope that we will come to understand this and with our American partners.

Today’s talks reflected our joint President trump the desire to rectify the negative situation in bilateral relations and to outline first steps for their rehabilitation, restoration of an acceptable level of confidence and return to the previous level of cooperation on all questions of mutual interest.

As the largest nuclear powers, we bear a special responsibility for international security. I think it is important, we talked about it, to improve dialogue on issues of strategic stability and nonproliferation of weapons of mass destruction. We gave our us colleagues note a number of specific suggestions on this subject.

We believe further collaborative work on the elaboration of the whole complex of political-military and disarmament file: this is the extension of the Treaty on strategic offensive arms threat, the situation around the development of the elements of the global system of us missile defense, the implementation of the Treaty on the elimination of intermediate-range and shorter-range and topics of the placement of weapons in outer space.

We are for the continuation of cooperation in fight against terrorism and in the field of cybersecurity. And I note that our special services are working very successfully. The most recent example is the close operational interaction with a group of American experts in the field of security in the framework of which ended yesterday in Russia of world football championship. In General, the contacts between special services useful to translate in a systematic way. Reminded the President of the United States about the proposal to re-establish the working group on counter-terrorism.

Talked a lot about regional crises. Not everywhere and not all our positions are identical, but overlapping interests too much. It is necessary to seek common ground, to work more closely, including in international forums.

Said, of course, about regional crises, including Syria. As for Syria, the problem of establishing in this country of peace and reconciliation could become a model for successful collaboration.

Russia and the United States can certainly take the lead in this matter and to organize cooperation to address the humanitarian crisis, to help return the refugees to their homes.

For effective cooperation on the Syrian plot we have all the necessary components. I will mention that the Russian and American military have gained useful experience in cooperation and coordination, establish operational channels of communication that would prevent dangerous incidents and unpredictable collisions on the battlefield, in the air and on the ground.

I would also like to note that after the final defeat of the terrorists in the South-West of Syria, in the so-called southern zone, the situation in the Golan heights should be given in full compliance with the 1974 agreement on disengagement of Israeli and Syrian forces.

This will allow the return of calm on the Golan, to restore the cease-fire between the Syrian Arab Republic and Israel and ensure the security of the state of Israel. Mr. President emphasized that today special attention.

I want to confirm that Russia is interested in such developments and will adhere to such position. Thus, it will be a step towards a just and lasting peace on the basis of resolution No. 338 of the Security Council of the United Nations.

Well, that is gradually beginning to resolve the problem of the Korean Peninsula. This is largely made possible by the fact that the settlement was personally connected to the President trump, building dialogue in a spirit of cooperation, not confrontation.

During the talks spoke directly about our concerns about the withdrawal of the United States of the comprehensive plan of action to resolve the Iranian nuclear issue. The us side knows our position, it remains unchanged. I stress that because of the nuclear deal Iran has become the most check country in the world under IAEA control. This effectively ensures the exclusively peaceful nature of Iran’s nuclear programme contributes to the strengthening of the nonproliferation regime.

When discussing Ukraine’s internal crisis drew attention to the importance of conscientious implementation of the Minsk agreements. The United States would resolutely insist on it and configure the Ukrainian leadership to this work.

Special attention was paid to the economy. Interest in cooperation on the part of business circles of both countries, of course. The American business delegation was one of the largest on may St Petersburg economic forum. It was attended by over 500 representatives of business circles of the United States.

To promote the development of mutual trade and investment, Mr trump agreed to establish a high level group, which brings together captains of Russian and American business. The best entrepreneurs know how to build mutually beneficial cooperation. Let me see what I can do and make their proposals on this matter.

President trump once again touched upon the so-called Russian interference in the electoral processes in the United States. I had to repeat what I said repeatedly, including at a personal meeting with the President: the Russian government never interfered and does not intend to interfere in American internal Affairs, including electoral processes. Any specific materials, if they are, we are ready to consider, for example, in the framework of a working group on cybersecurity, the creation of which we discussed with the President at the meeting in Hamburg.

And of course, it is time to unfreeze the Russian-American contacts in public organizations in the cultural-humanitarian sphere. Most recently, we had a delegation of American congressmen, but it is perceived almost as a historical event, and it should be a member to the current event.

In this regard, we suggested to the President of the United States to think not only about practical issues, but also on the philosophy of building bilateral relations in the long term. For this process it would be useful to use experience of experts knowledgeable in the history, the nuances of Russian-American cooperation.

The idea to form the Advisory Council of influential Russian and American political scientists, former senior diplomats and military, which would be engaged in a search for common ground and understanding of how bilateral cooperation on a sustainable positive trajectory.

Overall we are pleased with our first full-scale meeting. Let me remind you that we only briefly spoke in international forums. We had a good talk with President trump, I hope, became better to understand each other, Donald and I appreciate it.

Of course, numerous challenges remain, and we are unable to clear away all the rubble, it was impossible to do at the first meeting, but, I think, made the first important step in this direction.

In conclusion, I would like to note that the creation of a working atmosphere for the negotiations, greatly contributed to our Finnish hosts. Grateful to the leadership of Finland, the Finnish people, the people of Helsinki for what was done. Know that we brought a lot of inconvenience to the residents of Helsinki, and for that we apologize.

Thank you for your attention.

D. trump: I just finished a meeting with President Putin. We discussed various critical issues important to both countries. We had an open and productive dialogue, very well was the dialogue.

Before I begin, I want to thank the President of Finland Niinisto, because he accepts us and allowed the holding of the summit. President Putin has said how well they coped with the work, how nice we are here to stay.

I also want to welcome Russia and President Putin for having coped with the world Cup. It was one of the best, and your team also played well, you did a very good job.

Today we continue the tradition of American diplomacy. Since the first days of our country, we understood that diplomacy have an advantage. Dialogue is very important not only for US but also for Russia and for the world.

The differences between the two countries is known, President Putin and I discussed them in detail. But if we want to solve the problems facing our world, we must find a way to collaborate and find common ground.

For a long time and recently we have seen the consequences when diplomacy remains out of focus. We also saw the benefit of cooperation over the last century, when countries fought shoulder to shoulder during the Second world war. Even when there was the cold war, the world looked completely different than today.

USA and Russia were able to maintain a very strong dialogue, but our relationship has never been worse than those we see now. However, this changed about four hours ago. I really believe that. Nothing is politically easier than to abandon the meeting, refuse to negotiate, but it will not give any results.

As President, I can’t make decisions about foreign policy in order to reconcile the critics, the Democrats, the media, who don’t want to do anything but obstruction. A constructive dialogue between the US and Russia gives you the opportunity to open a new path to peace and stability in the world.

I, most likely, will take political risk in order to achieve peace rather than risk a war and betray policy. As President, I first of all think about what is best for America, what’s best for the American people.

During this meeting I had with President Putin talked about Russia’s intervention in our elections. I think that it was better to tell him straight in the face. We spent a lot of time, discussed this issue, and President Putin probably wanted to discuss this issue. And he very clearly understands the question.

We also have the critical issue – the proliferation of nuclear weapons. Last month Kim Jong-UN, I discussed the issue of the denuclearization of North Korea. And today, I’m sure that President Putin and Russia want to finish this problem and are willing to work with us on this issue. I thank them for it.

The President and I discussed the issues of radical Islamism, which suffer from both Russia and the United States. Terrible terrorist attacks. We agreed to continue communication between our departments on safety in order to overcome this evil. We talked about planned terrorist attack in St. Petersburg and we our intelligence agencies were able to stop her. We found them, found and stopped a potential attack. I also thanked President Putin for what he called me after that.

I stressed the importance of exerting pressure on Iran in order that they suspended their campaign of violence and nuclear aspirations in the region, in the middle East.

We discussed the crisis in Syria. This is a very difficult question. The cooperation between the two countries can potentially save hundreds of thousands of lives. I also said that the US will not let Iran have used our successful campaign against ISIS. We actually almost completely eradicate ISIS in the region.

We also agreed that representatives of our national security Council will discuss the issues that we have discussed today, and will continue the progress that we started here in Helsinki.

Today’s meeting is only the beginning of a long process, but we have made the first step to a better future, which will be a strong dialogue and a lot of thought. Our expectations are based on realistic goals, we want the friendship, cooperation and peace. I think that this can be said not only on behalf of America, but on behalf of Russia.

President Putin, I want to thank You once again for what You joining me in this discussion, and that You have extended and continued open dialogue between our countries. There is a long tradition of diplomacy between Russia and the United States for the common good, and that’s a very constructive day.

Today was some very constructive hours spent together, and it’s important for both our countries, it is important to continue this conversation. We agreed that most likely will meet often in the future, and hope that will solve all the problems that we discussed today.

Once again, President Putin, thank You.

Question: my question is to President of the United States.

During his recent European tour, You said that the pipeline project “Nord stream – 2” and other projects makes Europe hostage of Russia. You offered to save Europe from its dependence by the supply of American liquefied natural gas.

This cold winter has shown the persistence of the current system of energy supplies to Europe, while the United States had to buy additional volumes of liquefied natural gas, including Russia, to Boston.

I have a question. Implementation of Your idea more political? If it does not lead to the fact that in the supply system of Europe formed hole, which gets primarily consumer countries?

And the second question, if You let it. Before meeting with Mr Putin You called his opponent, but left hope for what, you may be able to deduce these relationships in a friendly. Did you do it?

D. trump: I called him a rival, a good rival. He’s a good opponent really is. “Rival” is actually a compliment. I believe that we will compete when talking about the pipeline. Not sure it’s better for the interests of Germany or not, but it’s their decision, and we will compete.

You know, the United States is now or soon will be, but already is the largest state in the world of oil and gas. We sell LPG, we have to compete with the pipeline, and we will compete successfully, although they do have some advantage. I discussed the matter with Angela Merkel in a rather harsh tones.

But I also know what it is. They have sources close to the negotiations, and we will talk about this. We have a lot of sources. USA are a different country now compared to what it was a few years ago. We can produce what we produced. I believe that we will be very strong competitors.

Vladimir Putin: Let me add two words.

We talked with the President, including on this topic. We know the position of the President. But I think we as major oil power, and the United States are a country could constructively work on the regulation of international markets, because we are not interested in emergency prices fall below the lower limit. This will suffer our manufacturers, by the way, including in the United States, referring to shale oil and gas.

For a certain range disappears the profitability of their operations. Also we are not interested in excessively high prices, because it will kill the processing, mechanical engineering and other industry sectors. We have something to talk about, there is a field for cooperation. This is the first.

Second, with regard to the “Nord stream – 2”. Mr. President expressed concern over the possible disappearance of transit through Ukraine. I have assured the President that Russia is ready to keep this transit.

Moreover, we are ready to extend the transit contract, which expires next year, in the case of dispute settlement between business entities in the Stockholm arbitration court.

Question: Mr. President, today You tweeted that stupidity, the stupidity of the USA and Mueller are responsible for the downturn in relations between the US and Russia. Do you think that Russia is responsible for everything or something? For which they are responsible?

D. trump: Yes, I believe that she and the other party is responsible for the situation. Believe that the US is acting silly, we had to start this dialogue for a long time, even before I came to power. I believe that we are all guilty, and the United States is actually together with Russia establishing these relationships.

We have a chance of cooperation, is to stop nuclear proliferation is eventually the most important question, on which we can work. I think that we both made mistakes, and the investigation is a terrible thing for our country. I think that it gives us to unite, that is, no collusion, it divides us, and know all about it.

The people will show that, in fact, it is in no way connected with the election campaign. It is very difficult to find someone associated with the campaign. We’ll have a clean campaign, I scored Hillary Clinton and, frankly, I don’t want to talk about it. We just won this race.

Just frustrating that there is on it a cloud. People understand. But we discussed this issue. It is important that there is no conspiracy, and it is negative, in turn, affect relations between the two largest nuclear powers: we have 90 percent of nuclear weapons in the two countries combined. It’s amazing that with the investigation going on.

Question: President Putin, may I continue the question? Why the Americans and the tramp supposed to believe that Russia has not interfered in the elections in 2016? I assume intelligence.

You allow the extradition of Russian citizens 12?

D. trump: You know, perhaps, that this concept was actually put forward as a reason why the Democrats lost. In fact, they had to win because the electoral College is of course more advantages to Democrats than Republicans, but won in large part 306 against 232. And this fight was fair, we coped with it.

Honestly, I would ask the President to answer the second part of Your question. Just want to reiterate, I’ve said it before: there was no collusion, I didn’t know the President, and no one with whom to conclude the agreement. Collusion was not. All these 12 or 14 is irrelevant in elections.

Recognized that these people are not connected with the election campaign, but the reader can believe. Even people who are involved in this, maybe some told something. In one case, the FBI said that no one lied, the lie was not, although someone said that someone there lied. But we had a great campaign.

Vladimir Putin: about who to trust and who not to believe and whether to believe: no one can be trusted. What makes You think that the President trump trusts me, and I told him the full extent of the trust? It protects the interests of the United States of America. I am defending the interests of the Russian Federation.

We have common interests, and we are looking for common ground. We have issues where we disagree. We are looking for options on how to reconcile these differences, how to make our work constructive. We should rely not on short-term political interests of some internal political forces in our countries, and on the facts.

Give me at least one fact that tells about some kind of conspiracy in the election campaign in the United States. This is complete nonsense. We didn’t know, the President just said. The fact that in Russian society during the election campaign in the United States formed a definite opinion regarding the candidates, of course. That unusual?

The current President of trump as a candidate talked about the need to restore Russian-American relations. Of course, in Russian society, there was a liking for the candidate, and different people in different ways could this sympathy to show. Is it not natural to have sympathy for the person who wants to build relations with our country? This is normal.

We have heard accusations against the company “Concord”. As far as I know, this company has hired us lawyers and all charges in its address are scattered in an American court. You will see what is happening in American courts. Here’s what you need to rely, not on rumors. This is the first.

Second, with regard to 12 employees allegedly our intelligence services, I did not yet know. I still need to figure out what was going on. The President also put this question in front of me.

What can I say? We talked about it, but what I think and what I can offer? There is, there is an agreement between the United States of America and the Russian Federation, 1999, on mutual assistance in criminal matters. This contract, running, speaking, working effectively.

We at the requests of foreign countries to hundreds, 150 of the criminal cases instituted in Russia. A few years ago, our former Minister of the nuclear industry was issued by the United States to the Russian Federation, and sentenced by a Russian court. This is a working contract. This agreement provides for certain procedures work together.

We can offer to your appropriate Committee, headed by spectacular… what’s the name of – Mr. Muller? It can be in the scope of this agreement send formal request to conduct the interrogations of those people whom he believes guilty of some offenses. Employees of our prosecutors and investigators these interviews can hold and send the relevant materials to the United States.

Moreover, we can make another step forward. We can allow the official representatives of the United States, including this Commission Mr. Mueller, to be present at these interrogations. But then, in this case, we will continue to raise the question that these actions were mutual.

We expect from the American side that they questioned those officials, including representatives of intelligence services of the United States, whom we suspect of committing illegal actions on the territory of the Russian Federation, in the presence of our investigators.

What do you mean? Known the business of the company Hermitage Capital, Mr Browder. According to our investigation, a group of persons, business associates of Mr. Browder illegally earned more than half a billion dollars, do not pay taxes neither in Russia nor in the United States, but the money in the United States translated, $ 400 million was sent to the election campaign of Mrs. Clinton. This is the official data in their reports are present. 400 million sent. But that’s their business, maybe they did it legally, but the money received illegally. We have reason to believe that some intelligence officers of the United States accompanied these illegal transactions.

This is just one step forward. We can talk about expanding our cooperation. Please options are possible, they are provided in the corresponding intergovernmental agreement.

Question: Mr. President, You wanted to be President trump won the election?

Vladimir Putin: Because he talked about the normalization of Russian-American relations…

Question: Good evening!

The first question to Mr. Trump in English. Mr. President, You can in more detail, if possible, concrete agreements on how to cooperate the US and Russia on Syria? Is there any agreement or discussed this issue?

If I may, Vladimir Vladimirovich a question in Russian. Because several times today already touched on the subject of football, I football language is the question. Mr. Pompeo told a little earlier that when it comes to engagement in Syria, now the ball is on Russia’s side. Mr President, is it really so? In this case, if Yes, how do You hold used?

D. trump: You know, I will answer the first part of the question. We worked with Israel for many years, many decades, no one, no country was closer to them than we are. President Putin also helps Israel, and we both told Netanyahu they would like to do something about Syria, in particular regarding security in Israel. In this respect, we would like to cooperate in order to help Israel.

Israel will be to work with us, and we will work together. And I think that when You look at all the progress made in some areas, in particular, the eradication of ISIS, 98-99 per cent of the areas are actually released, in fact, Russia helped us to some extent. You are working with Israel and working with Israel is a good thing. Creating security for Israel is that Putin would like to see.

And I want to add one thing – helping people. I’ve seen the reports, photographs, almost all saw what is happening there. If there’s anything we can do to help the people of Syria, so they returned to the home or any humanitarian aid, then this is what we talked about humanitarian aid. We are both interested in this, and we will do that.

Remark: sorry, but so far there is no specific agreement between the armed forces.

D. trump: Our armed forces working together well. Moreover, they get along well, better than our political leaders, for many years, they are very good, they are well-coordinated action in Syria and elsewhere.

Vladimir Putin: We talked, I mentioned about this – about cooperation on humanitarian area, in the humanitarian sphere. Just yesterday I discussed this issue with President of France Mr. Macron, and we have agreed that we and the European countries, including France, will intensify this work.

We are ready to provide military transport planes for humanitarian goods. I spoke about this today with President trump, and I think that there are things to work on.

What is important? A huge number of refugees now concentrated in the bordering countries Syria: Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan. If we provide people assistance to return to their homeland, the migration pressure on European Union countries to other countries repeatedly may be reduced. I believe, this is extremely important from all points of view and from a humanitarian and from the point of view of the problems of refugees.

But overall do agree with the President. Our military work with each other has been very successful. I hope that they will be able to negotiate as it was until now. We will work in Astana format, referring to Russia, Turkey and Iran. I also informed Donald.

But we are willing to match these efforts with those of the so-called small group of States, in order to process expanded and to have maximum chances of ultimate success.

With regard to the fact that the ball is on our side in Syria. Mr President just spoke about, that we finished and successfully held the football world Cup. About ball…

The President wanted the ball to pass, now the ball is on his side (pass the soccer ball), the more that the United States will be the world Cup in 2026.

Photo: Mauri Ratilainen/EPA-EFE

D. trump: You’re absolutely right. Yes, we will carry out. We hope that the well will cope with this work.

And it will be for my son Barron. Melania, take a ball for him.

Question: a Question for each President.

President trump, You are the first. Now, President Putin said that they in no way interfered in the elections of 2016. All our intelligence says Russia intervened. First question: who do You believe?

Second question. Now, when the whole world is watching, You say to President Putin: give up what happened in 2016, and will never do so in the future?

D. trump: I wonder why the FBI never looked at. Why the FBI said they had to consider what happened in the office of the National Committee. I wrote about it on Twitter and said on social networks: where is the server? I want to know where is this server and what the server has.

Based on this, all I can do is only to ask a question. I had Dances and others, came to me, said they thought it was Russia. President Putin has just said that this is not Russia.

Have to say the following. I don’t see why, but I want to see the server. I believe and that and the other side. Believe that it will last a certain period of time. Think it can’t happen without understand what happened with servers a Pakistani citizen, who worked at our democratic National Committee, what happened to e‑mail Hillary Clinton: 33 e‑mail just disappeared, gone. It’s a shame!

We can’t achieve and get those 33 thousand e‑mail. I trust my intelligence, but I want to say that President Putin strongly denied today. He gave excellent suggestion. He said that the people who work in the division, should work with their investigators on these 12 suspects.

Vladimir Putin: Let me add two words.

I, too, worked in intelligence and know how are the appropriate file. This is the first.

Second. Consider Russia a democratic state. I hope You don’t deny this and their country, the United States of America. The United States is a democratic state? And if so, the final word in a dispute of this kind can only be made by a court, not an operational service.

The company that I mentioned, “Concord” and one of our restaurateurs, he engaged in the restaurant business, accused of tampering. But they do not represent the Russian government. Even so, you can imagine. So what? I have already given examples.

You have a lot of people, including a large, billionaire Mr. Soros, for example, he interferes everywhere, but what’s this? It is the position of the American government? No. This is the position of a private person. And here. There is a trial in an American court, the ultimate authority is always only the court. Let them view.

It concerns private individuals only, not States. And the last charges against the alleged officials of our intelligence services – please, I answered it. There is agreement, please send a formal request, let the Commission Mueller send us a request, we will conduct the relevant work and will reply.

You can expand this cooperation, I said, but then only on a reciprocal basis. We will then also wait on the American side of access to those persons whom we consider members of the security services. Let’s subject to discuss and not to use Russian-American relations as a bargaining card in the political struggle of the American.

Question: I Have a question for President Putin, two questions for You.

I can say that the President trump has told You or hinted to You in relation to the official recognition of Crimea as Russian territory?

Second. The Russian Government has some kind of compromising material against the President of trump and his family?

Vladimir Putin: President trump’s position on Crimea is well-known, and it adheres. He talks about the illegality of the annexation of Crimea to the Russian Federation. We have a different point of view. We believe that the referendum held in strict compliance with international law, the Charter of the United Nations. For the Russian Federation, this question is closed. First.

Second, with regard to some mudslinging. I heard about it, supposedly we have collected dirt on Mr. trump, when he came to Moscow. Dear colleague, when Mr. trump has arrived in Moscow, I didn’t even know he is there. I respect President Trump as the American head of state, but when he arrived as a businessman, I didn’t even know that he is in Moscow.

At the St. Petersburg economic forum in Petersburg was visited by more than 500 American businessmen, and the highest rank, I even their names I do not remember. And what do You think we each of them organize the operational work and collect some dirt? More nonsense is hard to imagine, just hard to imagine. Throw this peel out of my head.

D. trump: I Must say that if they had this material, they would have provided. If someone saw Peter stark, when he testified in the last few days, when I was in Brussels, just a shame for the FBI. It is actually a shame for our country. And we must say that it was in fact a “witch hunt”.

Thank you all.

Held a summit meeting in Helsinki did not anticipate signing any documents or entering into any agreements. However, made by the leaders of Russia and the U.S. indicate their intention to continue negotiations to find common ground and cooperation, rather than of aggravation of geopolitical confrontation.

The relationship between the two countries possessing the largest Arsenal of nuclear weapons and indirectly involved in military conflicts in a number of “hot spots” of the world, confident that their leaders will continue to engage in dialogue is not the only, but the minimum necessary condition for stability in the world.

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