Putin has prepared a surprise for all owners of FAN ID

China intends to rebuild monetary and fiscal policy to overcome the slowdown in the economy.

The government undertakes to ensure greater flexibility of the exchange rate and fast transition to the absolute convertibility of national currency.

The national Commission for development and reform Commission (NDRC) of China said Wednesday, April 9, which will increase control over borrowing by regional authorities and eliminate illegal scheme to raise funds.

China hopes to transition from rapid growth based on exports, to slow the rise in domestic consumption.

In a report on the achievement of the objectives of the twelfth five-year plan, which began in 2011, NDRC noted that monetary policy should be aimed at curbing inflation and maintaining liquidity on financah while maintaining interest rates at an acceptable level.

The Ministry said that Beijing will accelerate the transition to convertibility of the national currency and allow greater flexibility in exchange rate fluctuations of the yuan.

NDRC hinted that the leadership of the country’s less leverage to provoke economic growth, fiscal and monetary policy.

The team from Russia bypassed the scouts of Sudan and Zimbabwe in war games near Novosibirsk

Russian scouts are in the lead at the international games near Novosibirsk

Российские разведчики лидируют на международных играх под Новосибирском

Near Novosibirsk the third stage of the international contest “masters of reconnaissance-2018” – according to the results of passing the complex “Trail scout” leaders of the Russian military.

“Trail scout” participants of competitions began to take place August 1 – the day started with teams from Sudan, China and Kazakhstan. At the international competition come to the military from Uzbekistan, Armenia, Belarus and Zimbabwe. Together with the team of Russia, participants of yesterday, August 2, ended up passing Paths.

“This is one of the most challenging and spectacular stages of the international competitions, where military personnel are required to demonstrate the coherence in as close to combat conditions. Strip a length of over 700 meters includes more than 20 obstacles, such as the moat, destroyed buildings, fences topped with barbed wire, portions of the infected area and mined area”, – the press-service of the Central military district.

On game the participants came from Sudan, China and Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Armenia, Belarus and Zimbabwe

In addition, the participants reflected the attack of the imaginary enemy undermined part of the railway and made contact with command after completing a task.

Russian intelligence officers came to the finish line in 34 minutes and 56 seconds, setting a new record in the history of the international army games.

The second result at the stage of “Trail scout” showed the team from Uzbekistan, 37 minutes and 32 seconds.

The team took the “Path intelligence” two days

Strip a length of over 700 meters includes more than 20 obstacles

“After three rounds of competitions the second place after the Russian team is soldiers from Uzbekistan, followed by spies from China,” added the CVO.

The contest has 5 stages.

Cubans are interested in the experience of the Voronezh region in the field of aviation

Cooperation in the field of industry, energy and culture today discussed the head of the region Alexander Gusev, and the Ambassador of the Republic of Cuba in Russia Gerardo Penarol Portal.

The Cuban diplomat’s first visit to the region since taking office. Together with the Ambassador in Voronezh came attache of the Embassy on trade and the Secretary for culture.

Alexander Gusev have received from the Cuban delegation invited to visit Havana International fair. As the Ambassador noted, the Voronezh region is one of the most dynamically developing regions of Russia.

Cubans are particularly interested in the experience of our region in the field of aviation. Cuba plans to significantly upgrade their fleet. After a meeting with Alexander Gusev, the delegation plans to visit several of the Voronezh enterprises.

We have a large project in Cuba with Russian enterprises, we will build in Cuba four units of power plants of 200 megawatts each, and a few spare parts and the equipment of these projects will be built in Voronezh, – said extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Republic Cuba in the Russian Federation, Gerardo Penalver Portal.

– We know about the successes of Cuban medicine, we know that many of us have been to Cuba know that it is a beautiful country, lovely helpful people peace and hope that our mutual contacts will continue to develop, the acting Governor of the Voronezh region Alexander Gusev.

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