Regions of China will strengthen the fight against air pollution

Eight Chinese regions have promised to strengthen the fight against air pollution and control by government officials, after Beijing found thousands of violations, reports Reuters.

The Ministry of ecology and environment of China (MEE) reported that densely populated industrial province of Shandong, Zhejiang and Sichuan are the regions that will adopt the new measures. Also joining them will be Xinjiang and Tibet.

In an effort to combat persistent pollutants and negligence of the local authorities in Beijing launched a nationwide audit at the end of 2015

The teams, led by Ministers, retired, was given the mandate to conduct unannounced spot checks on factories and call local bureaucrats to explain their actions. Audit completed last year, has already had a big impact.

“There’s definitely a lot of problems that may not be revealed without the checks of the Central government, such as steel mills, which are unable to reduce the power as instructed, or creation of new capacity without a permit,” said Lauri of Myllyvirta from Greenpeace.

In a statement issued on MEE, authorities in the region Shandong promised to “steadily” to follow government policy and to restructure its industrial economy.

How to write “News.Economy”, in late March the environment Ministry of China has urged the 28 Northern cities to close factories to combat serious air pollution in the region, said Tuesday the Shanghai Securities News, it meant that the hard winter restrictions may be extended for the remainder of the year.

The Ministry of environment ordered the city took emergency measures to fight smog and strengthened supervision. Shanghai Securities News reported that a notice was also included efforts to close or reduce production at a number of factories in the region.

At the same time, 34 cities of Northern China issued a warning about the smog amid concerns that industrial activity begins to grow again after six months of hard constraints.

Earlier, the Ministry said heavy smog, which will be celebrated most of the week, was caused by warm and humid air, as well as the resumption of work at large industrial enterprises in the region.

Winter campaign in China aimed to reach 28 Northern cities shut down factories and restricted the production ended at the beginning of this month, but a major steel city of Tangshan has already announced plans to extend restrictions until November.

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