Showman made fun of my favorite myth

The people of Russia after 4 years of war against Ukraine and did not have the understanding that they and Ukrainians are different.

This opinion was expressed by Ukrainian musician, producer, entertainer and radio host Sergei Kuzin.

“In the absence of gasification is almost half of the territory and normal products, and General boorishness, and so on need to compensate for this howling about the Empire, about the fact that “we have something special” – said Kuzin.

According to a showman, the main impact of the powerful Russian propaganda machine seeks to avoid the idea that Ukrainians and Russians are two different Nations.

“I would like to take as a fact that Ukraine is a state which possesses external and internal similar characteristics – as Canada with America. But this is a completely different country with its own laws, with their mentality, values,” – said Kuzin.

“Now there’s the jingoism has reached the heights of North Korean, so they don’t start thinking of us as “foreign” the country,” he concluded.

In Kiev will limit entrance to metro station Exhibition centre over the Weekend Atlas

From 4 to 7 July, metro station Exhibition center will be limited to the entrance to avoid the crush in connection with the music festival Atlas Weekend.

About it reported in a press-service of the Kiev metro.

“To avoid crowding and accumulation of passenger traffic on the platform, station and Exhibition centre will be limited to the entrance for the safety of transporting people”, – stated in the message.

On the exact time of the overlap is not reported.

Subway work has been extended by one hour on the first and last days of the festival, all the days continued to surface transport.

Prince Charles was awarded the knight’s title party Bee Gees

Prince Charled bestowed the title of knight is the only living representative of the disco group the Bee Gees Barry Gibbo.

71-year-old singer, received the title, said that he dedicated the achievement to his brothers Maurice and Robin (the dead members of the group).

“If not brothers, I wouldn’t be here. I hope and pray that they know what happened and are proud of me,” said the musician.

Барри Гибб был удостоен рыцарского титула

According to the publication, the title of Gibb received for achievements in music and philanthropy. On account of his team with hits such as Night Fever, Stayin Alive, Jive Talkin, Words and others.

The soundtrack to the film Saturday night Fever, created from the songs of the Bee Gees, was 15 times platinum in the U.S. and topped the Billboard 200 chart.

In Voronezh the 100th anniversary of VSU will celebrate in the Soviet area

Soviet space continues to be the main venue for festive events in Voronezh. There will be a celebration of the 100th anniversary of the VSU – the anniversary will be celebrated in the city Day, September 15, announced the press center of the regional government.

In the Soviet area there will be a solemn procession of students, alumni, foreign guests of the anniversary. As reported by the VSU rector Dmitry yendovitsky expected about 150 alumni and partners of the University from other countries.

For guests of the lectures, workshops, scientific and entertainment venues CreativeScience, Kinoton “New horizon”, to speak in the groups “Experimental school of VSU “Children are Our future””.

Updated Soviet area became a favorite place for residents in summer 2018. This is largely due to the appearance of the city’s first pedestrian-only (or “dry”) illuminated musical fountains.

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