Sweden intends to expand the control of its own borders

Sweden until November 11, enters the selective control of the number of airports and ports. The reason for this decision is the change in the spectrum of possible threats, said the border service.Sweden intends to expand the control of its own borders. The reason for this decision is the change in the spectrum of possible threats, said Friday, June 29, representatives of the border service.

In particular, until November 11, is introduced selective control in the airports of Stockholm, malmö and Gothenburg and in the Swedish ports.

The inflow of refugees to Sweden continues. According to the newspaper Sydsvenskan, in the southern province of skåne, the border guards almost every week detained migrants from Syria and Iraq.

Sweden has imposed control over its own borders in the fall of 2015. A similar control in the European Union also carried out by Austria, Germany, Denmark, France and Norway are not part of the EU but is a member of the Schengen area. The authorities of these countries explain this step by a desire to guarantee safety amid immigration crisis.

The German government said the number of Islamists who went to Syria

From Germany to Syria and Iraq has left more than one thousand jihadists. More than half of them are citizens of Germany, the reply of the government at the request of the parliamentary faction of the Left party.The German government is aware of more than one thousand jihadists who have left from Germany to Syria and Iraq to support terrorist groups. More than half of them are citizens of Germany. This is stated in the official response of the government to the request of the faction of the Left party in the Bundestag, reported in the Sunday, may 20, the newspaper of the media group Funke.

The mentioned figures indicate that the number of persons who left Germany in the areas of fighting, rose again, however, much less than two years ago. From the message, it also follows that since 2013 243 supporter of the Kurdistan workers ‘ party (PKK) and Kurdish self-defence units (PYD) went from Germany to support the international coalition against terrorist group “Islamic state” (IG).

The PKK itself is also considered in Germany as a terrorist organization.

To deprive the jihadists of citizenship

In Syria, Iraq and Turkey detained dozens of German Islamists. Many others, including women and kids party wear, already back in Germany. When forming a new German government after the parliamentary elections in 2017, the block of conservative parties CDU/CSU and the social Democrats in the coalition agreement recorded that the jihadists with dual citizenship, travelling to hot spots, be deprived of citizenship of Germany, if it is proven that they participated in the fighting on the side of the terrorist group.

The expert of the Left party on domestic policy Jelpke Ulla (Ulla Jelpke), however, believes that it is contrary to the Constitution. She also noted that according to this logic, going to have to punish those Germans who fought against ISIS on the side of the Kurds.

Critical of depriving the jihadists of citizenship of Germany and the representatives of the SPD. “It’s a symbol rather than sound policy,” – said the expert of the SPD’s internal Affairs GK Uli (Uli Grötsch), adding that the focus should be on the prosecution and the deradicalization of Islamists.

At the same time, the expert of the CDU domestic policy Armin Schuster (Armin Schuster) indicated that a jihadist who has been deprived of citizenship of Germany, while trying to screw the country may be stopped at the border.

Merkel calls for action because of the “aggressive tendencies” of Iran

European States share a concern about the ballistic missile program of Iran and urge to take action because of his “aggressive tendencies” in the middle East.

This was stated by German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

“Aggressive tendencies of Iran need to not only discuss, but also urgently take the necessary decisions”, – she said after a meeting with Jordan’s king Abdullah.

Merkel noted that Europe is concerned about the presence of Tehran in Syria and its role in the war in Yemen.

Abdullah said that in the middle East there can be no peace without a Palestinian state with its capital in Jerusalem.

The United States is preparing a new peace plan that has not yet made public, but it angered the Palestinians: the recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

European signatories to the nuclear agreement with Iran 2015, still support him. Iran said that the issue of ballistic missiles and its participation in the wars in the middle East are not negotiable.

By agreement with the United States, France, Germany, great Britain, Russia and China, Iran has strictly limited capacity for uranium enrichment to reassure the state that it is not used to develop nuclear bombs.

In exchange, Iran has received the easing of sanctions, most of which were lifted in January 2016.

Washington announced the US withdrawal from the agreement. Subsequently, the United States expanded its personal sanctions against Iran. Iran decided to resume uranium enrichment on a large scale.

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