How many ways of destroying learned in the APU

The last few months took place on the background maximize anti-tank capabilities of the Ukrainian army. We have all heard about the supply of Americans party ATGM “Javelin”, but actually the process is a lot bigger than they seem.

We can safely say that a possible tank attack our military will have something to beat.

Even after the tank battles during the battle for debaltseve in the winter of 2015 the Supreme command of the armed forces has become clear that the enemy has a large enough number of tanks, which also applies in large quantities. In fact, to oppose such tactics at that time there was nothing. Available at the reference points of the old Soviet anti-tank systems could not effectively deal with either T-64, even more so with the latest modifications of T-72 used by the enemy.

In principle, confirmed by the statistics – the main losses in the tanks of the Russian-occupation groups have suffered from explosions in a minefield and in the confrontation with our soldiers. The only known case of the destruction of anti-tank missiles is the work of a single calculation self-propelled anti-tank installation “Storm”.

It is not surprising that after 2015 began to cover the needs of the army in anti-tank means. First of all, began to withdraw from storage a self-propelled anti-tank machine 9P148 – in fact, it is ATGM “Fagot” or “Competition” on the chassis of BRDM-2. Although the problems with the Soviet complexes and their retention remain, however, at first it was one of real steps to improve the situation, though not dramatically.

The next point was the revitalization of the state KKB “Luch” production and modernization of anti-tank missiles. Already in 2016-2017, the company received huge funds to expand production and production of dozens of new launchers and hundreds of missiles complexes “Stugna-P” and “Le Corsaire”. Although the possibility of a rather modest against the background of American “Javelinas”, but it is allow to burn Russian tanks like the T-64 or T-72.

The same “Corsair” much better “American” that can fire “from the hip” and is guaranteed to hit the enemy on the same 2500 m. an Important component is the price – shot of the domestic complex is only about $20 thousand

Another rather important program was the modernization of anti-tank guns MT-12 “rapier” for the use of ATGM R-111 “Stugna”. It should say that it is still “pre-war” development “Beam” (for example, state tests were conducted over eight years ago), is intended for the domestic market (to replace the Soviet missiles “Knuckles” for firing 100 mm guns), and for the promotion of exports (there were options under 105 and 115 mm).

The advantages of such a missile are obvious – for rather modest money (the only thing that would need to mass produce, unit guidance) the instrument of production 1960-ies can hit targets at distances up to 5 km with orientation in the laser beam. The penetration is though not a record, but it’s a good 550 mm-by-layer “missile armor”.

And if you remember that, even according to conservative estimates, the armed forces consists of 500 of these guns, it becomes a visible scale, changes the very nature of the confrontation. Even without missiles our gunners managed to shoot an enemy columns – recall, purely Russian MT-LBVM, shot August 26, 2014 near Kuteynikovo, it is quite simple to imagine what will happen, if adopted EN masse go “Stugna”.

But that’s not all. Kiev of “Beam” resting on our laurels and continue to upgrade the design of their rockets. So, a few days ago there were reports about successful tests on the ground in the Chernihiv region of new combat module with anti-tank systems “SKIF”. Of course, this is done for a foreign customer – this time the Turkish company ASELSAN, but, as practice shows, it is, alas, a necessary stage in the development and production of new Russian weapons – in the context of a country at war is difficult to allocate money to promising samples and a full field tests.

Judging by the photos and videos, a new module is placed on the chassis of armored vehicle “VARTA” and allows efficient use of the ATGM “SKIF” – actually the export version of the well-known APU “Stugna-P”, which differs only in the pointing device (on the “SKIF” he manufactured in Belarus).

Strictly speaking, the “SKIF” in cooperation with Belarusian defense enterprises for quite a long time and are successfully exported. So, just open data, it is staged in Algeria, Azerbaijan and Georgia. Naturally, it is used in the armed forces of Belarus.

As noted literally everything to military experts, the missile complex can be used not only to destroy armored targets with combined, spaced or monolithic armor with dynamic protection, but also for the destruction of small targets such as long-term weapon emplacements, helicopters, including hovering, surface targets and manpower of enemy at any time of the day.

Thus, a whole system of anti-tank weapons to the Ukrainian army, which includes towed artillery, and a variety of anti-tank systems, and the emphasis is on mobile options with installation on armored and mass infantry models. Do not forget that the service of the Air force adopted anti-tank missiles “Barrier” which may soon become the main armament for the Park Ukrainian combat helicopters.

In addition, tank units began to arrive EN masse missiles “combat” caliber 125 mm, which can be used for firing from tanks T-72, T-80UD, T-84, BM Bulat and BM Oplot.

There is a forming system and a place for the modern American “Javelinas” that have formed mobile teams with specially trained calculations, whose task is to destroy enemy armored vehicles in threatening directions.

We can safely say that a possible tank attack our military will have something to recapture, and this, by the way, perfectly understands Russian command occupying troops, which is much less attracted to the tanks shelling our positions on the frontline. And even a year ago it was a real disaster when on 3-4 km rolled out a single tank, whose crew fearlessly firing his ammunition, causing massive damage. Now, according to reports in social networks, these same militants, even a single machine within sight shot our protivoraketnyi both day and night.

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