Lifeline rescue vessel will be confiscated

The Prime Minister of Malta, called Lifeline “does not belong to any country.” The ship went under the flag of the Netherlands, but the authorities deny his affiliation.The ship Lifeline belonging to the German charity organization Mission Lifeline, will be confiscated. On the evening of Wednesday, June 27, Prime Minister of Malta Joseph Muscat. Activists from Dresden June 21, picked up 234 migrants in the Mediterranean sea near the Libyan coast, but no country of the European Union did not agree to let the ship Lifeline in their ports. On 27 June he was allowed to enter the Maltese port of Senglea.

Crew members of the Maltese authorities allowed to leave the Lifeline, and captain Klaus-Peter Reisch (Claus-Peter Reisch), after the interrogation, the police was returned on Board the vessel. The captain blamed for the fact that he ignored the instructions of Italian authorities. The Italian government, according to its own data, ordered by German activists to provide the opportunity for the Libyan coast guard to provide assistance to migrants. In turn activists claim that the coast guard of Libya quickly enough came to help.

Confiscation Lifeline, the Prime Minister of Malta explained that it “does not belong to any state.” The crew claims that the vessel sails under the Dutch flag, but the Dutch authorities deny that they belong to this country.

Migrants will take eight EU countries

234 migrant aboard the Lifeline is temporarily located in Malta. In addition to this country seven EU member States agreed, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Ireland, Belgium and France – to take part of them. In the opinion of the Secretary-General of the Christian democratic Union (CDU) Annegret Kramp-of Karrenbauer (Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer), Germany is not obliged automatically to be among the countries willing to accept migrants from Lifeline. From Germany, there is no “need to catch up in providing humanitarian aid,” she said.

Crump, Karrenbauer called critical work of humanitarian organizations. Among them there are those who “are not to rescue people from immediate danger, and tend to pick up migrants at sea, ahead of the coast guard, which would bring back them back.” Earlier, the interior Minister of Germany Horst Seehofer (Horst Seehofer) said that “we cannot allow this case became a precedent” and that between Libya and southern Europe “should not ply the Shuttle”.

The court in California requires trump a list of separated children of illegal immigrants

The white house until the evening of 7 July, shall prepare a list of illegal migrant children under 5 years of age who were separated from their families as a result of migration policy.The administration of U.S. President Donald trump to Saturday evening, July 7, must submit a list of illegal migrant children under 5 years that result from the migration policy was separated. This decision was made before the court in San Diego. The judge “did not intend to let the property trump to delay the reunification of children and their parents”, says a representative of the American Union of protection of civil liberties.

According to us authorities, with their families separated, more than 2,300 children of illegal immigrants. However, about hundred children under 5 years of age. Earlier, the judge issued the order under which children under the age of 5 years must be returned to the family until July 10, and the rest of the children of illegal immigrants – until July 26.

In June, the President of the United States under pressure from the international community signed a decree that the detainees at the border families of illegal refugees are not selected children. About 500 children returned to their parents. In July, the Secretary of health and human services Alex Azar said the use of DNA tests to determine relationships and accelerate family reunification.

A policy of “zero tolerance”

The US President Donald trump has made the fight against illegal immigration one of the main themes of his campaign and has followed this line as head of the White house. In 2018, the US announced a policy of “zero tolerance” against illegal immigrants. In April, trump has accused Mexico in an uncontrolled immigration policy. According to him, Mexico is absolutely not the flow of migrants across their southern border and their subsequent departure in the United States.

While trying to enter illegally into the U.S. migrant families were separated, parents to bring formal charges. The children were placed in special centres or foster families.

In June, the attorneys General of 17 States filed a lawsuit in the district court of Seattle, demanding an end to “brutal and illegal practice of” forced separation of illegal immigrants and their children at the border. In several US cities held demonstrations of opponents of the migration policy of Donald trump.

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