The United States will not be able to influence the government of Iran

The United States will not be able to influence the government of IranSome American experts said that the policy of sanctions by the administration trump against Iran with the aim of achieving “regime change” is “naive and unrealistic”.

About this in comments to CNBC said the representatives of several research centers. Senior researcher of the Carnegie endowment Jarrett Blanc said in an interview that the attempts of some aggressive members of the administration trump to make any changes in the political system of Iran will not be successful.

The expert noted that the sanctions against Iran by the US this time will have the same effect as before due to the failure of many countries to participate in the sanctions pressure on Iran.

“Macroeconomic effect from sanctions is less pronounced, than those restrictions that were adopted by the previous US administration prior to the conclusion of a Joint comprehensive plan of action on Iran’s nuclear program, simply because this time the US sanctions against Iran did not support the us allies and major trading partners.

The question is whether Iran today is more vulnerable politically than in the period 2012-2014, when to take the old sanctions.

In my opinion, it would be a mistake to believe that the trump is a kind of common strategy of actions against Iran.

In the administration, certainly, there is a group of “hawks” who would like to increase the pressure on Iran and to achieve a change of power. In my opinion, it is naive and unrealistic expectations given the current situation. A new attempt to put pressure on Iran and to put pressure on the allies and their companies, will eventually allow other countries to forge a closer relationship with Iran In particular, China is likely to only strengthen its cooperation with Iran.”

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