Trump needs to investigate the FBI’s intervention in the election campaign

In 2016, the FBI had sent to the headquarters of the trump of the informant. The President of the USA demands that the Department of justice investigated this incident.The President of the United States Donald trump is going to demand from the Ministry of justice to check the activities of U.S. intelligence agencies, the FBI in relation to his election campaign in 2016. He wrote about this in his Twitter on Sunday, may 20. Official steps the President wants to take on Monday.

Dissatisfaction trump was aroused by the information that the FBI in July of 2016 was sent to the headquarters of the trump American Professor who conducted three individual interviews with the members of his team. Professor, according to reports in the American press, looking for evidence of a link member of staff trump with Russia. The New York Times calls Professor does not “spy” and long-term “informant” of the FBI and the CIA.

Meanwhile, according to former new York mayor Rudolph Giuliani, a member of the legal team trump, spectracolor Robert Mueller is investigating an alleged Russian interference in the election of the US President, has said that he will not be able to press charges against him.

“All they can do is to prepare a report,” said Giuliani. “They can’t indict. At least they admitted it after some arguing they have confirmed it,” – said the lawyer. Muller has not commented on his remarks.

Lawyer trump considered the appointment of spectacular Russian illegal

According to Rudolph Giuliani, the investigation of possible links trump with the Kremlin never “shouldn’t be started.”Former new York mayor Rudolph Giuliani, member of the legal team of the President of the United States Donald trump, considered the appointment of the former Director of the Federal Bureau of investigation Robert Mueller to the post of spectacular in Russia illegal. About it the lawyer said in an interview with CNN that the TV station posted on its website on Sunday, may 27.

“The grounds on which he was appointed, illegal,” said Giuliani, adding that the investigation into possible ties trump with the Kremlin in principle “should not be started.” According to the lawyer, the investigation there is absolutely no evidence that a secret agreement between the Republicans and the Kremlin could take place.

Giuliani also lashed out at James Comey, who served as head of the FBI. Lawyer accused him of deliberately leaking classified information. Komi, in particular, said that trump during a private dinner allegedly repeatedly asked him about loyalty and the proof published memos.

Trump fired Komi Republic on 9 may, stating that it “cannot effectively control” Department and the FBI need a new head to restore credibility to the secret service. In March of this special service for the first time officially confirmed that it launched an investigation into possible Russian interference in the presidential election campaign in the United States in 2016 and possible relations campaign headquarters trump with the Kremlin. Komi under oath said that he has no doubt that Russia interfered in the presidential campaign.

Trump has withdrawn his signature under the final statement of the summit G7

The US President called canadian Prime Minister “dishonest and weak,” recalled his signature under the communiqué of the G7 summit. Trudeau has vowed to impose retaliatory duties to the United States.After completion in Canada of the G7 summit, the US President Donald trump Sunday, June 10, suddenly withdrew its signature under the final joint statement. It was the first such case in the history of the format of the “big seven”.

His decision, trump explained the position of canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau a relatively new customs duties on U.S. steel and aluminium. “Justin Trudeau during the G7 summit looked so gentle and humble, and after my departure he said at a press conference that “the duties of States was rather offensive” and that he “will not sit down on your head.” Very unfair and weak!” – wrote the President of the United States on his Twitter page.

During a press conference at the end of the G7 summit Justin Trudeau stated that Canada will increase customs tariffs for the United States in response to the introduction Washington’s new duties on steel and aluminum. “We don’t want to do it, but definitely will take this step because we Canadians are friendly and wise, but will not allow a command”, – said Trudeau.

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