Who will take away the subsidies and pensions

In Ukraine intend to check the entire system of charging gossiped and to deprive them of those they are not entitled. These include subsidies to the poor, pensions, scholarships, various types of social assistance, etc.

The Finance Ministry say that there has “learned” more effective to conduct the verification, but still, legislation and communication with other government agencies leave much to be desired. Therefore, they developed and published for discussion the draft law on the verification of payments.

What is the verification system offers the Ministry of Finance, what it portends for the Ukrainians and will it be the people’s representatives.

According to the bill, the verification procedure will control the Finance Ministry, and the information for the treatment he receives from those bodies in which the citizens applying for a particular payment.

Salt of the bill – the creation of information-analytical platform for monitoring and verification. This is not news: the state budget for the creation of a platform already allocated the money. After the platform launch, the data will be supplemented by information about each recipient of the payments provided by government agencies.

Also, according to the bill, the platform will interface with various government databases and registries to search for inconsistencies. The activities of the platform should be the responsibility of the Ministry of Finance. That will be the access of ordinary Ukrainians, who receive payments, it is not. But public authorities will restrict access in accordance with their authority.

Monitoring also holds the Finance Ministry. He is responsible for data integrity and on the basis of available information and give their recommendations about termination or continuation of payments, or need to resolve any contradiction.

The draft stipulates, with what regularity will be the test, but to provide data and at the request of Agency. In this case, the data of the Ministry of Finance will have to provide in order not to violate the terms of government payments, and clarifying information has the right to provide during the month.

The test will be subject to all payments for which funds are allocated from state and local budgets: pensions, scholarships, social assistance, incentives, subsidies etc Verification will take place constantly, and even end of payments does not relieve the one who received it from monitoring by the state.

It is implied that analyze the information will be in three stages:

  • turning – preventive verification. You go to some government Agency or local authority, provide information for the calculation of a particular payment, and the Agency sends a request to the Analytics platform and checks if it’s true what you all said;
  • in the process of receiving payments – current verification. In the course of obtaining payment, the recipient information will be checked periodically to “raise the alarm” in case of non-compliance;
  • after the end of the cash – retrospective verification. Within three years after the person has ceased to pay, he will continue to be “in pencil” at the Ministry of Finance, in order to understand, not whether he lied to government authorities at the time of receiving the money. If there was deception, for example, there is additional information about income, assets, revealed the forgery documents, the state Agency that made payments to, will return demanding the return of all accrued money.

The data required for verification is the name, date and place of birth, passport number, Bank accounts, a unique number from the Unified state demographic registry, information confirming the right to receive payment, and additional documentation for charges.

The Finance Ministry said that in the past year, the government sent more than 2.1 million recommendations on the suspension or termination of government payments and 23.7 million recommendations for verification of information.

In January – March 2018 rates to combat unfair Governate was much more dynamic: 5,87 million recommendations to stop or suspend payments and 0.1 mln recommendations to clarify information.

Considering the fact that verification is applied to all government payments, to double-check will have more than half of Ukraine’s population – students, pensioners, Chernobyl veterans, Afghans, young parents, people with disabilities, orphans, single parents, recipients of grants, etc. So that the monitoring subject can not disturb and do not cause a public outcry. It would seem that before elections politicians do not want to aggravate relations with voters. But the bill, with certain amendments, has all the chances to pass a vote in Parliament.

“I think there’s a good chance that it will. It is not only the initiative of the Ukrainian government – this element of the requirements of the International Monetary Fund, – says Director of the Ukrainian centre of policy analysis and management Ruslan Bortnik, We draw attention to two commitments to the IMF, but not the third: in addition to the anti-corruption court and increasing gas prices, there is a requirement to optimize costs of the state budget. What costs have a budget? Army officials and the social sphere. Of course, officials no one will cut, and the main blow will take over the social sphere. Scanning options and the reduction of benefits will be discussed – it is flexible, but the process is irreversible. In the power of now solve another question: who in this situation would be extreme, who will be responsible electoral President or Prime Minister? The Prime Minister has already said that raising the minimum wage, what the President said, no money. The Prime Minister said that Ukraine annually you need to take $ 4 billion. debts, otherwise we simply will default in the next three years we need to give 27 billion dollars. There is an internal struggle, but something will have to take to get the IMF loan”.

Carefully check those who are going to receive financial assistance from the government is standard practice in Western countries. It is obvious that sooner or later, to the three-step test will come. Also, it is already clear what types of payments will sift most active. If payments for child birth, benefits for Chernobyl, pensions, scholarships will be not too hard, it grants the space for manipulation is enormous.

The Cabinet has already done what it can to remove the part of applicants for grants: in the next heating season they will napoloen owners of new cars, larger houses and apartments, some workers of the “shadow economy” and the workers.(Approx.the author is Amazing: in our country, instead of merciless suppression of dealers of the “shadow economy”, they are deprived only of the “gossiper”. Poor “shadow” subsidy for heating will not get!). Only through this plan to reduce the number of public assistance recipients by 15-20%. Verification under the new rules will weed out an even greater number of applicants for assistance.

“In principle, the state not only has the right and duty to control the flow of budget funds. So that the decision is not only correct, but overdue right” – said ex-Minister of housing Oleksiy Kucherenko. But I, as a user causes a reaction. You want me to check? You have the right. But, I have the right to check you and your stupid price of gas, turbid, opaque for the scheme-tariff setting, lack of accounting system, lack of consumption control. Yes, I as a consumer have to, but tell me what you are obliged the mayors, the utility companies, “Naftogaz” and other”.

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