Ukraine appeared the first problems due to the Crimean bridge

In the sea of Azov will not be able to enter vessels of type Panamax.

This statement was made head of the administration of Mariupol sea port Igor Barsky.

“We evaluated those vessels that for the last three years came to us, so in the sea of Azov will not be able to go 144 ship that docked at the port of Mariupol, in other words, working in this market”, – he said in comments to one of the Ukrainian media.

Note, Panamax (Panamax) is a type of container ships and tankers and other vessels that have maximum dimensions that allow you to pass through the locks of the Panama canal.

We will remind, Ukraine has filed a petition with the international Tribunal on the protection of the sovereign interests in connection with the construction of the Kerch, Russia (Crimean) bridge. The representative of the President of Ukraine Iryna Lutsenko reported that the decision on this issue is expected to take in 2019.

The Prosecutor’s office of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, which is located in Kiev opened a criminal case in connection with the construction of the bridge. Law enforcement officers believe that the construction of this object was effected in violation of the Water Code of Ukraine and norms of international law.

Kerch bridge connects the territory of the occupied Crimea with Russia. Its construction began in 2015, the General contractor of “stroygazmontazh” company, which is owned by Russian billionaire Arkady Rotenberg ( in some circles, the businessman called a close friend of Putin).

Senior researcher of the Institute of water problems, Russian Academy of Sciences Yuri Medovar reports that the soil on which is built the bridge, not designed for such a giant structure.

“I have repeatedly pointed out: to build a bridge impossible. The main danger of the Kerch bridge was originally in violation of building norms and rules. They noted that arch bridges (and it is an arch bridge) in seismic areas (seismic and this area) can only be built on these rocks, like granite or similar, which does not shrink and hold the load. And in the Kerch Strait semi-solid clay, saturated with water and sand. Therefore, cracks, sagging,” said Medovar.

Dzhemilev: In Moscow confirmed that Russia has delivered in Crimea nuclear weapons

Russia is indeed placed in the occupied Crimea nuclear weapons, which was confirmed even in Moscow. The Kremlin, the Peninsula needed only as a military base.

This was told by MP, authorized the President of Ukraine for the Crimean Tatar people Mustafa Cemil.

“About the nuclear Arsenal. Neither our intelligence nor NATO intelligence clearly did not confirm his presence in the Crimea. They say that this could be, but the evidence yet. However, we have the information and the source from Moscow about what they have there already have nuclear warheads. Source from Moscow confirmed that there are already six nuclear warheads,” – said Cemil and added that the facility is located near Feodosiya in the grove Tashan, where before it was a nuclear silo.

He stressed that one of the first things after the capture of the Peninsula, Russia has begun to restore its nuclear base, where “expelled” all working with the Crimean registration.

“The first time there could call the porters, who carried the materials, including the Crimean Tatars. But at some point, all these workers were suspended and attracted people, brought from Russia. Now the site includes a triple ring of enhanced protection with video surveillance. People go there with Geiger counters (detectors of radiation – ed.) and check the background radiation. That is to say, indirect evidence that there are nuclear weapons,” – said Crimean Tatar leader.

The politician also noted that Russia needs the Crimea as the “unsinkable aircraft carrier”, where are concentrated a military contingent from 60 to 80 thousand.

“But even if we are talking about 60 thousand soldiers, then for such a small Peninsula with an area of 27 thousand square kilometers is a huge number,” – said Dzhemilev.

Irresponsible policy in Ukraine pointed to a serious flaw of the authorities on the question of the Crimea

Deputy General Director of Crimean Tatar TV channel ATR, a well-known journalist muzhdabaev said that along with the fruitful work for the return of the Crimea in the international arena Ukrainian authorities are irresponsible domestic policy in this matter.

This opinion he voiced in an interview with “Apostrophe”.

Muzhdabaev noted that the rhetoric of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko about Crimea feels right to him, but still needs to be supported by the timely things.

The journalist is sure that if the deputies had correctly interpreted the provisions of the law on the indigenous people of Crimea, he would have gained the right to vote.

“They are not engaged in any propaganda in the good sense of the word, nor strengthen its position on the Crimea. In the international arena, much has been done for Crimea. However, because it is consistent work. And in domestic policy, you know a lot of acts in the Crimea? No program, no nothing,” stated Muzhdabaev.

He also criticized the provisions of bill No. 8297, proposed to take the Ukrainian citizenship of the Crimean people for participation in Russian elections.

“Yes, he’s going to change. But the people in the Crimea, when read, immediately understood: so we don’t need you we don’t fight, you’ll have simply thrown away at the first opportunity. For example, it says that unable to deny citizenship for participation in the elections – but they the occupiers sign lists, can tick that any vote – and it is also possible to deprive of citizenship.

They the Ukrainian government terribly upset residents of the Crimea, making it clear that the government does not live in their reality, what she thinks about them. This is the worst chill down my spine when a man living in the occupation understands that not thinking about it at all. This is such an irresponsible policy. The image of Poroshenko that this stupid law was so tainted in the eyes of inhabitants of Crimea, not only Crimean Tatars – there are many immigrants, their relatives. I would place the President is just the face would be filled to those who wrote, would have thrown out the window (don’t know how many floors on Bankova). Terrible lack of professionalism in the authorities”, – said the journalist.

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