Scientists have found secret rooms in the Sphinx

Scientists believe that one of these rooms was said to Edgar Cayce, who called it a “Hall of Records”. Scientists and historians believe that the first building was built, which was a library, but later came to power Imhotep. After that, the building could build on the outside, creating the Sphinx. It is not clear why Imhotep had to do it, but such a theory is the place to be.

Zahi Hawass in 1998 excavated in Egypt and found the underground tunnels that go near or under the Sphinx and lead to the caves.

Local residents and UFOlogy believe that the Sphinx mysterious creatures live. So mysterious that they had never seen. However, people continue to worship them, claiming that they are very strong and powerful, that’s why people try to appease their worship.

American accidentally gave the granddaughter a “bearded dragon”

When we order something over the Internet, we need to be prepared for any surprises. This experience with al and Chris Brummitt of Hemet city (California, USA).

Wife ordered a Bicycle for her granddaughter, and when the long-awaited parcel arrived, grandpa immediately started assembling a child’s Bicycle. Taking all the details, he saw with horror that out of the box he’d been staring. It turned out to be a lizard. Now a man can say this with a laugh, and at that moment he was so scared and just glad that wasn’t around his wife, seeing their unusual guest, it surprise would stun spouse with their cries.

Soon, the future has arrived the employee of the wildlife Department. He identified the lizard as a bearded dragon, only it remains a mystery exactly how tired and hungry creature was in the parcel. Bearded dragons can be kept at home as Pets, but spouses Brummett not really liking this idea, so their guest until he moved to live in a shelter, whose staff began to find him a new home.

In the United States created the most powerful supercomputer in the world

The power developed in an American laboratory oak ridge supercomputer, Summit reached 200 petaflops. Previously the most powerful computing machine was the Chinese Sunway TaihuLight.In the American national laboratory oak ridge on Friday, June 8, launched the most powerful supercomputer in the world. The power developed by the machine, which was called Summit, reaches 200 200 petaflops, or thousand trillion calculations per second, according to the official press release from the lab.

The machine is called Summit consists of more than 4,500 servers, each equipped with two 22-core processors. According to the developers, the supercomputer is optimized to work with artificial intelligence.

Possible fields of application

These machines can be used in the development of new types of materials and simulation of processes occurring in stellar explosions. It can also be used in the military sphere: for example, when creating new types of weapons.

According to the Minister of energy of the USA Rick Perry, the startup Summit will have a “huge impact on research in energy, scientific discovery, economic competitiveness and national security.”

Previously developed in the laboratory, the oak ridge Jaguar supercomputer was the most powerful in the world from 2009 to 2010, and the Titan supercomputer has topped the list of most powerful computers from 2012 to 2013. Before the advent of the Summit on top of the world ranking of supercomputers was Chinese Sunway TaihuLight with the figure of 93 petaflops. The performance of the most powerful Russian supercomputer “Lomonosov-2” of 2.1 petaflops.

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