In Berlin rally against Putin’s friends

Sunday, may 27, in the heart of Berlin have been protests against the policies of Russia and those who support it.

In the German capital were two of the action, the initiators of which were prepopulate support of the Russian Federation, as well as their political opponents.

For the preservation of law and order were involved more than 2 thousand. police. They had to use pepper gas to prevent collisions.

Prepopulate parties of the “Alternative for Germany”, the so-called ADH. They, as supporters, in particular, the policies of Russian President Vladimir Putin, along with other used posters and banners with inscriptions in Cyrillic.

It is noted that one of the main adherents of the movement are the Russian Germans, who mostly voted for the party in last year’s parliamentary elections in Germany.

In turn, their opponents, the members of the Alliance “Stop the hate – stop ADH” used to demonstrate the slogan “Racism is not an alternative”. They spoke out against “Putin’s friends”.

According to the police, instead of 10 thousand prepopulated at the demonstration gathered less than half of the participants. Those who opposed the “new Nazism”, was five times more – about 25 thousand.

“Nord stream-2”: unexpected revealed the background of Putin’s project

In the case of the project “Northern stream-2” Ukraine will lose political leverage in the international arena – Europe would have less interest to intervene in the war with Russia.

This opinion was voiced in interview “RBC-Ukraine” the permanent representative of Ukraine to the Council of Europe Dmitry Kuleba.

He stressed that in certain political circles it is believed that in the case of the launch of the gas pipeline, Putin will be easier to fight in Ukraine.

“After all, Europe will have less interest to intervene in this war, and to protect us, because the pipes there. Without a doubt, there is a part of our guilt. It is impossible to live 26 years and think that everything will always be okay, and then to be surprised. But there is reason to believe that the Germans were our concerns heard and will try to help. Only question is, how to help,” said the diplomat.

According to Kuleba, there are two ways out of this situation.

“One of them – to abandon the “Nord stream-2”, to which the chances are not very high. Although the Americans have not yet fully spoken. The second option, if the project “Northern stream-2″ are still being implemented, should be a legal guarantee,” he explained.

“Not like the Budapest Memorandum, and specific inter-state agreement. And not bilateral, but trilateral – between Germany, Ukraine and Russia on the subject, for example, that the specific volumes of gas Russia under any circumstances transportere through the Ukrainian system,” – said the representative of Ukraine to the Council of Europe.

Putin responded to accusations of involvement in hacking attacks

In an interview with leading Austrian broadcaster ORF Armin Wolff the President of Russia Vladimir Putin said that he considers “funny” version of the possible involvement in hacker attacks directed against the United States.

The interview is available on the website of the Kremlin.

“Western governments, Europe, and primarily the United States accused Russia that it interferes in the internal politics of other States by the forces of hackers. In all the interviews You say that it is not, however, there is no doubt that in St. Petersburg for many years is the so-called Internet Research Agency, which Facebook is trying to influence the public debate. These so-called Troll factory owned by Eugene Prigogine, which You know very well, it is called a chef Putin, as it caters to all of Your guests,” asked the journalist.

In response, Putin asked “to make a difference between the government of the Russian Federation, the Russian government and Russian citizens.”

According to Putin, Prigogine actually engaged in the restaurant business since working as a restaurateur in St. Petersburg, however, “can affect elections in the United States.”

“Do you think that the person who is engaged in the restaurant business, having even some hacking capabilities, with some private firm in this field – I don’t even know what he’s doing with these items can affect elections in the United States or in some European country? How low fell everything that is happening in the information and political spheres in the countries of the United West, if the restaurateur from Russia may influence the election in some of the European countries or in the United States! It’s not funny?” – said the President of the Russian Federation.

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