Vienna Berlin has threatened retaliation for refugees

The Chancellor reacted harshly to the demands of the interior Minister of Germany Horst Seehofer to send refugees to the EU country in which they were originally registered.Federal Chancellor of Austria Sebastian Kurz has threatened Germany with “retaliatory measures” in case that will not absorb refugees across its border. He stated this on Thursday, June 28, at the EU summit in Brussels.

Thus Kurtz has responded to the demand of the interior Minister of Germany Horst of Seehofer (Horst Seehofer) to send refugees to the EU country in which they were first registered. The Austrian leader expressed doubts about this approach. In his opinion, the problem is that refugees are moving freely in Europe, “generally without registering”.

The EU summit has not yet yielded solutions for refugees

German Chancellor Angela Merkel (Angela Merkel) is opposed to an approach which offers Seehofer. She believes that it is necessary to develop a “European solution” to prevent the movement of refugees in the EU. Earlier, Horst Seehofer has threatened to use the authority of the interior Minister and to give orders to the guards not to let migrants in Germany since July 1.

According to some political analysts, the dispute of the Minister and the Chancellor could lead to the collapse of the government coalition in Germany.It was expected that the EU will try to find a joint solution for refugees at the EU summit held in Brussels. However, in the first day of the summit, Italy has blocked a joint statement of the participants. Discussion will continue on Friday, June 29.

“Green” is ready to withdraw confidence from the government of Merkel for refugees

Opposition parties in the Bundestag urged the Chancellor to put to the vote the question of confidence in the government because of a dispute over the refugees between Merkel and interior Minister Seehofer.German “green” will not support Chancellor Angela Merkel (Angela Merkel), if it is the result of a dispute between CDU and CSU, the refugees will decide to put in Parliament the question of confidence. There is no confidence in the current policy of the Chancellor, supporting the isolation of Germany, said the head of the green faction in the Bundestag, Katrin göring-Eckardt (Katrin Göring-Eckardt) on Tuesday, June 26, in an interview with broadcaster ARD. According to the politician, Merkel agree with 62 of the 63 paragraphs of the “General plan” of the Ministry of interior to restrict the influx of refugees to Germany, prepared by the Minister Horst Seehofer.

In turn, the faction of the Left party in the Bundestag and the head right populist party “Alternative for Germany” Molten jörg (Jörg Meuthen) urged Merkel to raise the issue of trust. The three opposition parties are not enough deputies in the event of a vote of confidence to dismiss the government headed by Merkel to resign.

In the case of the collapse of the current “Grand coalition” Goering-Eckardt sees no opportunity to participate in the new government in place, the CSU, as part of politicians of the Christian democratic Union shares the position of the CSU on the issue of refugees.

The current debate between Merkel and Seehofer broke out in one of the 63 paragraphs of the plan of the Ministry of interior to restrict the influx of refugees. At the suggestion Seehofer in Germany should not let migrants already registered in any of EU countries. According to observers, the stubbornness policy, which he insists on their own initiative, can be connected with the upcoming October elections to the Bavarian Landtag. Here the ruling party, the CSU risk short part of the votes that may accrue to the right-wing populists of the “Alternative for Germany” (ADH), sharply critical of immigration policy Merkel.

EU leaders failed to agree on refugees

Italy at the summit on refugees has provided a list of ten items. She wants to refuse the Dublin agreement.In Brussels Sunday, June 24, was held an extraordinary summit on the question of migration. It was attended by representatives from 16 of the 28 countries of the European Union. To develop a common solution for the refugees failed.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel (Angela Merkel) at the summit expressed the desire to find a European solution for all possible themes. “Where this is not possible, we want to unite those who are willing to cooperate, and to develop a common framework for action,” – said Merkel.

Italy vs Dublin agreement

Italy does not exclude “technical arrangements” in this area, but puts forward a list of conditions. So, the Prime Minister of this country, Giuseppe Conte presented at the summit plan of ten items, which, in particular, involves the rejection of the Dublin agreement. It implies that refugee responsible for the EU country in which he made the first entry.

The President of France Emmanuel macron has called previous discussion useful, stating that it helped “eliminate solutions that do not correspond to our values.” This solution, the Makron, in particular, considers the refusal to let the refugees at the external borders of the EU.

Dispute Merkel and Seehofer

Many participants mentioned that it was convened because of the migration of disputes in Germany. Partner party in the coalition, the Minister of internal Affairs of Germany Horst Seehofer (Horst Seehofer) intends to close the German borders to refugees without documents and asylum seekers already registered in another EU country. It requires that the first country of entry to EU (e.g., Italy) took them back right on the German border.

Merkel believes that this measure is contrary to European standards of asylum and German law, as well as unfair to countries such as Greece and Italy. “All responsible for all”, – said at the summit, Merkel. She assured that working to resolve the immigration crisis at the European level will continue.

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