In France defused the largest platform darknet

In France defused one of the largest illegal platforms darknet forum Black hand (the Black hand). This was announced by the Minister of budget of France Gerard Darmanin in his Twitter.

According to the Minister, the forum, which does not recognize search engines, for two years used for sale of illegal goods and services, particularly drugs, weapons, false documents.

The operation was conducted by the National Directorate of intelligence and customs investigations on 12 June. Arrested the main site administrator and a few other suspects.

All the operation involved more than forty agents, customs officers and technical experts, according to RFI. Police seized computer equipment, false documents and gained access to the server forum, which was registered about three thousand people.

The front national of France, renamed the “National Association”

Far-right party led by marine Le Pen will now be known as the “National Association”. She’s looking for a way out of crisis after the failure on elections of the President of France.At the Congress of the French right populist party “national front” on Friday, June 1, decided to rename it into “National unification”. Participated in the voting, 53 percent of party members, 81 percent voted for the renaming, said party leader marine Le Pen.

The goal of the rebranding of the party, initiated by marine Le Pen in March 2018 – to get rid of a bad reputation and to update the movement of the right-wing populists after the failure in last year’s presidential election. Then Le Pen lost to Emmanuel Macron, in the second round. It is assumed that the name change will help broaden the electoral basis for elections to the European Parliament scheduled for may 2019.

Conflict in the family of Le Pen

At the March Congress of the National front, its founder Jean-Marie Le Pen was stripped of his post of honorary Chairman. Then his daughter, marine Le Pen, with which it is in many years of open conflict, the third time was elected as head of the “National front”. She first led the party in 2011, shifting from this post of his father.

Jean-Marie Le Pen, who in June will be 90 years old, was the head of the front national since 1972, for 39 years. In August 2015 the politician was expelled from its ranks, but retained the post of honorary Chairman.

Meanwhile, a new name of the party is not entirely new, reminds AFP. In 1980-ies in the French National Assembly there was a parliamentary group “national front – National Union”, which was led by Jean-Marie Le Pen.

Macron reprimanded the teenager, who called him not by name

The President of France Emmanuel Makron “mean” teenager, who addressed the 40-year-old head of state “Manu” – a nickname formed from the name of Macron.

The incident occurred during the event dedicated to the call of former President Charles de Gaulle to the people’s resistance against Nazi German occupation during the Second world war.

When macron shook hands with people, the guy sang a few lines from the hymn of the socialists international and asked the President: “How you doing, Manu?”. What Makron snapped: “No. You can’t behave this way. No, no, no, no.”

The guy apologized, and the President continued. “You’re here in an official ceremony, and should be treated properly. You can goof off but here today, the Marseillaise, the Song of the partisans (the song of the French resistance),” said macron.

“Call me “Mr. President” or “Sir.” Okay?” – continued Makron, to which the guy replied, “Yes, sir.”

Critics have criticized the President for what he sometimes uses rough language and does not show sympathy to the poor

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