Around the plant has established a security zone

Around the Balakovo nuclear power plant created a safe zone with special legal regime. The corresponding order issued by the Russian government.

The goal of the measures adopted – increasing the level of antiterrorist protection of nuclear-hazardous sites, including nuclear plants.

The creation of zones of safety of nuclear power plants involves the imposition of restrictions on the entry and stay of nationals, prohibition of flights of all types of aircraft (including unmanned) over the controlled territory. Also introduced some restrictions on the conduct of economic and business activities within newly created zone.

Now at Balakovo NPP are installing markers and signs to indicate the new boundaries, documentation developed for the visit and stay of people.

At BNPP emphasize that citizens may freely pass and visit the usual places and villas, bordering a new security zone. The adoption of additional measures to ensure special legal regime in the newly created areas, the population just promise to inform.

“Rosatom” took 67% of the world market of NPP construction

The portfolio of orders of “Rosatom” in excess of $133 billion. “today, we have 35 units as contracts and intergovernmental agreements concluded. This is 67% of the world market of foreign NPP construction”, – said Likhachev, reports TASS.

“The final stage is the agreement on the establishment of two large blocks in Uzbekistan. I hope that several other countries will become our partners and, as they say, the countries-newcomers in nuclear energy,” – said the head of “Rosatom”.

Likhachev before he returned from Saudi Arabia where talks were held. “We see great potential for cooperation with this country, not only in our traditional offers large blocks, but reactors of low and medium capacity”, – said Likhachev.

The Corporation fulfilled the state defense order by 100% in 2017 and set a record for power production. “All the activities of the state program completed: 100% of the state defense order, the integral assessment of efficiency of implementation of the state programme 100% implementation of key business-indicators of the state program -104%,” – said the head of state Corporation.

According to him, “last year set a record – nearly 203 billion kilowatt-hours of generation”: “This is the highest figure for all history of existence of new Russia. The record of the Soviet Union – 213 billion kilowatt-hours in output achievable in the near future.”

On the basis of the Novovoronezh NPP will open a new Department at VSU

On the basis of the Novovoronezh NPP will open a new Department, Voronezh state University (VSU), where they will work as employees of the University and specialists of nuclear power plants. It is planned to produce 15 to 25 experts per year, said associate Professor of nuclear physics Department of VSU Victor Wachtel during a field meeting of the international conference “Nucleus-2018” Thursday, July 5.

The conference with the participation of more than 150 physicists from Russia and CIS countries, as well as graduate and undergraduate students will be held at the VSU, which in 2018 will celebrate its 100th anniversary.

In Russia the conference is held in 68 times. Its organizers are the Ministry of education and science of the Russian Federation, Russian Academy of Sciences, joint Institute for nuclear research Institute of nuclear physics, Moscow state University and St. Petersburg state University.

The main areas of discussion at the site of Novovoronezh NPP telefonzentrale problems of atomic energy and nuclear technologies experience and problems of training of specialists in nuclear physics, nuclear energy and nuclear technologies for Russia and foreign countries.

The latest topic for VSU is particularly relevant: in may of this year, the University joined the Consortium of core universities of Rosatom state Corporation, including leading Russian universities – national research nuclear University “MEPhI”, Moscow state technical University named after Bauman and others.

In connection with this event, we will have opened a new specialty “Nuclear power plant” with specialization “maintenance and engineering”. We hope that students will begin next year, – said Viktor Wachtel.

Ukraine could explode nuclear power plants: what happened

Employees of the security Service of Ukraine together with the management of the state enterprise “NAEK “Energoatom” partially blocked the work of one of the Ukrainian nuclear power plant to prevent possible explosions due to the use of defective equipment.

So, an emergency could occur on the “South-Ukraine NPP”: operatives of the intelligence service established that officials of the enterprise have created the conditions for the occurrence of accidents.

The investigation documented that the officials knowingly bought counterfeit electrical systems that control the safety of the nuclear power plant.

During a pretrial investigation law enforcement officers also found that the supply and installation of power supply cable, the use of which is not provided for in the applicable rules, regulations and standards on nuclear and radiation safety.

Now SBU together with the State nuclear regulatory Inspectorate of Ukraine, state enterprise “NAEK “Energoatom” and the management of OP” it is southern-the Ukrainian nuclear power plant” take urgent measures for removal and replacement of malfunctioning equipment. Also, the set of urgent investigative actions on establishment of all circumstances of the crime.

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