Moscow Zoo Pandas Predict Beijing Olympic Winners

A set of pandas at the Moscow Zoo have actually made their predictions for the best-performing countries at this month’s Winter Olympics in Beijing, the zoo said Thursday.

“The panda is an icon of China and one of the signs of the upcoming Olympics. Who better than them to really feel the result of the competition?” the zoo claimed.

Ruyi and Dingding were each used 5 similar web traffic cones fixed up with national flags.

“There were no treats in the cones and also they were likewise equidistant from the exits to the outside enclosures,” the zoo stated.

Ruyi sniffed around his choices before “taking apart” the German flag and eating on the cone. He after that romped around the enclosure before returning to the cone with the flag of the United States.

Dingding waited prior to ultimately “accepting” the Russian cone and after that “knocking to the ground” the Chinese cone.

“Thus, the leaders of the Olympic Games’ group competitors, according to the pandas, are: Russia, China, Germany and also the U.S.,” the Moscow Zoo said.

The zoo stated it intends to continue seeking Ruyi and Dingding’s specialist discourse on specific as well as group competitors throughout the Feb. 4-20 games.

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