Russian Cats Banned from International Shows Over Russia’s Actions in Ukraine

The International Cat Federation (FIFE) has actually banned Russian cats from its shows over Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the Znak.com news site reported Wednesday.

The Federation put up a statement on its web site introducing that it has sanctioned all cat owners staying in Russia from displaying their felines at FIFE shows beyond the nation.

“The FIFE Executive Board is stunned and also frightened that the military of the Russian Federation invaded the Republic of Ukraine and started a war,” the company wrote in its statement.

“We can all witness the devastation and chaos brought on by this unprecedented act of hostility.”

“On top of that our Ukrainian fellow feline fanciers are desperately attempting to take care of their cats and also other animals in these attempting circumstances.”

The Federation’s board limited Russian exhibitors from getting in FIFE programs beyond Russia from March 1 to 21.

It likewise banned importing or registering felines reproduced in Russia in “any FIFE pedigree book outside Russia, no matter which organization issued its pedigree.”

The board guaranteed to designate several of its budget to pet cat fanciers and also breeders in Ukraine that have actually been influenced by the continuous problem.

Given that the beginning of the Russian intrusion, some Ukrainian feline owners have actually been posting pictures of their anxious furry good friends on social networks as they bring them to air-raid shelter as well as take them to the border as they flee their homes for security.

Putin proclaimed the beginning of a “special operation” in Ukraine on Feb. 24, causing over a million refugees, fatalities on both sides and also hefty shelling of Ukrainian military and noncombatant sites.

Russia has constantly specified that its goal is demilitarization and denazification of its Slavic next-door neighbor.

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