Enter a business idea in the Great Entrepreneur Challenge

This is Money and Andy Yates, a successful entrepreneur and angel investor, are launching a unique competition for British start-ups.

We are inviting start-ups, early stage firms and those with a great business idea to enter the Great British Entrepreneur Challenge and win expert advice, mentoring and support from Andy and his network – and the chance to bid for up to £50,000 of seed funding.

This is Money editor Simon Lambert and the site’s small business journalists will also be involved and we will follow your business’s progress and write about it for our readers.

So, if you have a great idea, a start-up or a young, growing business, read on for Andy’s explanation of how you could benefit from this once in a lifetime chance.

We want you: Enter This is Money’s The Great British Entrepreneurial Challenge for business advice, mentoring and the chance to pitch for up to £50k of seed funding

Do you dream of becoming your own boss? 

Or is somebody you know desperate to become a budding Branson, but needs a helping hand to get started? 

I have supported a number of entrepreneurs and businesses over the past few years – which I am proud to say have grown strongly and successfully, rising in value by more than £100million – and growing. 

So I am launching The Great British Entrepreneur Challenge with This is Money. 

In uncertain times there is one certainty. Britain needs to nurture and support more entrepreneurs if we are to grow our economy. 

So my mission is to enable more people to give up their day job, to scale a business, grow a team and never look back.

Here is how you can help with my no doubt difficult, but far from impossible, mission. 

Are you someone, or do you know someone, with a great idea but who needs help and support to create a start-up and run their own race – not be part of the rat race? 

Or perhaps somebody who has already taken the leap to go it alone, but is at an early stage and needs help and support to jump some hurdles? 

Or even somebody with entrepreneurial spirit and that ‘something’ about them – who hasn’t quite found the right concept yet but is open to new ideas?

What you need to do 

To rise to the challenge you need to be a passionate and committed person who has a good slice of experience, a network of contacts in their sector and a dash of good business development skills. 


Andy Yates is a successful entrepreneur and angel investor. 

He co-founded, grew and exited his own major fintech business, Digital Look, before going on to invest in, advise, support, mentor and grow a portfolio of exciting start-ups. 

Eyes on the prize: Win our competition and your business will benefit from the expertise of seasoned entrepreneur and investor Andy Yates 

Eyes on the prize: Win our competition and your business will benefit from the expertise of seasoned entrepreneur and investor Andy Yates 

He has backed entrepreneurs across a whole range of sectors – from food and drink to events to technology to social impact businesses. 

These start-ups have already seen their value grow by more than £100m. 

Now he is passionate about helping more entrepreneurs to grow and flourish. 

That’s it – this is all about finding the right people and supporting them. 

For the right entrepreneurs the Great British Entrepreneur Challenge comes with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to help get your business moving. 

You will get free expert advice, support, mentoring, entrepreneurial experience, networks, ideas, solutions, strategy and business planning to kick start your growth. 

What is more, those who are successful can also get the chance to pitch for up to £50,000 in seed investment, £20,000 of free business services and an ongoing 12-month mentoring programme in association with myself and funding experts the Start Up Funding Club.

This is Money readers will be able to exclusively follow the Great British Entrepreneur Challenge – the exciting experiences, the ups and downs and the human stories that unfold.

And to help all those ‘wantrepreneurs’ out there, we will also provide an ongoing series of articles and tips on how anyone can become their own boss. 

So the Great British Entrepreneur Challenge has begun. 

If together we can help more people give up their day jobs – and do a great job of creating their own business – then our mission will have been well worth it.

How to enter the Great British Entrepreneur Challenge

To enter your business idea, start-up or early stage company in the Great British Entrepreneur Challenge, please email entrepreneurs@thisismoney.co.uk.

Your application should include 

1. Your name and contact details (including email, mobile phone, relevant social media links) 

2. A summary of your business idea and why it’s different from competitors (in no more than 150 words) 

3. A summary of what stage your business idea is at and what you have achieved so far (up to 150 words) 

4. Tell us why you are the right person to benefit from the Great Entrepreneur Challenge (up to 150 words). 

5. A link to any websites, videos or other useful information to help with your application. 

Deadline for the first round of the Great British Entrepreneur Challenge: 3 November 2017.

Between 3 November and Friday 17th November 2017, applicants may be contacted for information and feedback. 

Selected applications will be invited for interviews to be held at This is Money’s offices in London from 20 November. 

We can only reply to selected applicants and the judges’ decision will be final.

Good luck!



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