Get cash from Post Office’s Online Isa

Post Office, where the deposit taker is Bank of Ireland, has increased the rate on its Online Isa to 1.07 per cent. But the rate includes a bonus payable for the first year.

Cash Isa rates are creeping up but still lag behind taxable accounts.

After this you need to move your money to a better deal or end up earning just 0.25 per cent. Only new savers will get the new, higher rate.

Overall, the top easy-access rates are Sainsbury’s Bank Cash Isa and Virgin Money’s Defined Access Isa at 1.06 per cent, followed by Coventry BS which upped its rate to 1.05 per cent on its Easy Access Isa 6. None come with an initial bonus which drops away after a certain period.

Post Office's Online Isa now comes with a bonus 

Post Office’s Online Isa now comes with a bonus

On one-year fixed-rate cash Isas, Virgin Money pays 1.35 per cent.

On the High Street the best deal is 1.35 per cent from Virgin Money. Leeds BS has raised its rate to 1.35 per cent but you have to tie up your money for slightly longer – until December 2 2018, rather than just 12 months.

Yorkshire Bank’s new account pays a slightly higher 1.5 per cent if you are willing to wait until January 31, 2019, to get your money back.

The best you can do if you are happy to tie up your money for two years is 1.65 per cent  with Charter Savings Bank online or 1.55 per cent with Virgin Money, which you can open in branches, by post or over the telephone.

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