All of the News From This Weekend’s Frontier Expo 2017

Frontier Developments, the studio behind Elite: Dangerous, Planet Coaster, and Jurassic World Evolution, held its first ever Frontier Expo this weekend. Over 1,000 people attended. Throughout the day, the developer talked about the future of its three flagship titles. Here’s what they announced:

Elite: Dangerous is getting a series of free updates in 2018 called Beyond. They will add narrative progression to the game, along with all-new features and content. The first major update will improve on existing systems, including Engineering, Trade, and Crime and Punishment. The second update adds Squadrons to the game, allowing groups of players to organize their hierarchy, communicate, and even buy a Fleet Carrier to serve as an HQ. It also adds a new Codex, where players can track their exploratory achievements.

Planet Coaster is celebrating its one year anniversary with a free update. The 1.4 Anniversary Update adds four new rides – the Weisshorn, a classic fairground ride; the Cascade, Planet Coaster’s first ever water coaster; Hop The Gaps, a bumpy side friction ride; and one more top-secret ride Frontier will reveal later. One of the community’s most-requested features is also on the way – a Scenario Editor.

Finally, Frontier showed off the first in-game footage of Jurassic World Evolution during the expo. Take a look. The game comes out Summer 2018.

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