‘Concrete Genie’ is a Lovely Game About Bullying And Art

Concrete Genie is an adventure game about a bullied boy named Alex who can bring paintings to life. Sony unveiled the PS4 exclusive during its Paris Games Week event today. It looks absolutely gorgeous, but that shouldn’t come as a surprise. This is a game about art, after all.

Using the DualShock 4’s motion sensor, players can create stunning landscapes and quirky creatures. What they doodle on the walls turns into living artwork. The game is being developed by PixelOpus, an in-house Sony Interactive Entertainment studio that worked on the 2014 rhythm game Entwined.

“The team has been on quite the journey since we made Entwined,” creative director Dominic Robilliard writes on the PlayStation Blog. “We’re really happy with the response we got to that game (It’s been downloaded over 1 million times!) but at the beginning of this project we decided as a team that we wanted to make something more accessible. Combining that with a desire to be more ambitious we decided to switch to Unreal 4 as our engine, and we invested in developing a 3rd person action adventure – a genre that we all have a lot of passion and love for. We wanted to make sure that if we were going to put our hearts and souls into making a game designed to create an emotional connection with players that it can reach as many people as possible.”

Robilliard adds the team has much more to share about Concrete Genie in the coming months leading up to its release in 2018.

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