Paul McCartney’s Sweater, Ringo Starr’s Suit Pants Up for Auction

A short-sleeve knit sweater worn by Paul McCartney, a suit jacket worn by George Harrison and a pair of suit pants worn by Ringo Starr are up for sale through Heritage Auctions, which bills itself as “the world’s largest collectibles auctioneer.” The Beatles memorabilia is part of a large auction of classic rock- and film-related items. 

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George Harrison Worn D.A. Millings Suit Jacket and Ringo Starr Worn D.A. Millings Trousers, Paul McCartney Stage Worn Shirt (1973) Heritage Auctions/HA

McCartney wore the blue sweater – which features a silver Wings logo – onstage during his tour of the U.K. with his band in 1973. It was designed by The Ritva Man, a husband and wife duo that also worked with the Rolling Stones and Simon & Garfunkel. Opening bids for the garment start at $8,000.

Harrison’s suit jacket and Starr’s pants were both manufactured by the company D.A. Millings and are on sale together; the two Beatles wore them during their second U.S tour in 1965. Harrison’s jacket is labeled “George Beatle,” while Starr’s right pocket is labeled “Ringo” in blue ink. In addition, the inside of Starr’s zipper is labelled “lightning.” The minimum bid for these two items starts at $50,000.

The auction site is also selling off rare records – an early version of the band’s first American single with the artist name misspelled as “Beattles” – and a copy of the publication Mersey Beat, a Liverpool paper that voted the Beatles the city’s best act in 1962. In addition, Heritage is accepting bids on a large number of concert posters, including one commemorating a remarkable bill in Topeka, Kansas that featured Fats Domino, Bo Diddley and the Shirelles.

The auction will be completed on November 11th.

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