Watch Kenny Loggins, Michael McDonald in Thundercat’s ‘Show You the Way’

Thundercat, Kenny Loggins and Michael McDonald reveal the healing power of a deep groove in the new video for “Show You the Way.” The track appears on Thundercat’s recent album, Drunk.

Katarzyna Sawicka and Carlos Lopez Estrada directed the clip, which actually continues the story started in Thundercat’s 2015 video for “Them Changes.” In that clip, an armless ex-samurai is relegated to life in an armchair, where he reminisces about his glory days and solemnly watches infomercials for swords he can’t use.

In the new video for “Show You the Way,” the samurai’s family encourages him to visit a center where he can receive proper treatment for his existential malaise. The dulcet, pensive and endearingly silly sounds of Thundercat, Loggins and McDonald provide the perfect soundtrack for the samurai as he gets a gross black goop knocked out of his head and learns to embrace the life (and limbs) he still has.

Thundercat released Drunk in February and has spent much of the year on the road in support of the album. He has two dates left on his North American trek, an October 13th gig at the III Points Festival in Miami and a show with Flying Lotus October 14th at Hollywood Forever in Los Angeles as part of the Red Bull Music Academy Festival.

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