Watch Mysterious New Trailer for Marvel’s ‘Runaways’

“None of our parents are who we thought,” says one high school friend to another as a mysterious plot unfolds in the new trailer for Marvel’s Runaways

Based on the comic book series of the same name that debuted in 2003, the show follows six teenage friends as they discover that their parents aren’t what they seem. While the friends get together at one of their homes, they find a secret passageway that leads to where their parents are gathered in a room underground.

Turns out their parents have been having creepy secret meetings, the kind that require red robes, cult-like behavior and it turns out, some evil plans.

While this is disturbing enough, the teens also find that they themselves have superpowers. In the clip, one of them glows in the dark, another seems to be a sorceress as she wields a magical wand. And then, there’s also a dinosaur named Old Lace that one of them seems to be able to summon.

From the looks of the first trailer, a dark, intriguing battle between the teens and their parents will soon ensue.

Marvel’s Runaways premieres on Hulu on November 21st.

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